Banggood fiasco

I’m usually a positive fellow, but when I ordered a Sofirn diving light and an L2 host for my father in law, I was dismayed to see that absolutely nothing in my order came and I got what looks like a grab bag of randomness from Banggood. Granted, I had received error free orders in the past. This is why I was particularly pissy about this occurrence as they had built up a solid reputation in my book from the previous orders.

Initial order: Sofirn SD05, Convoy L2 Host in sand


I might just be heated because I was really looking forward to this order, but now I have to enter the terror dome of figuring out what went wrong and trying to get the proper items or just coming to terms with losing moneys.


Sorry if this came off super jerky guys. Has this happened to you in the past?

Wow, just wow

No, i have never experienced something, someone messed up at BG.
But stay calm, explain the situation and BG will probably solve your issue.

I think there is a representative of BG on BLF, don’t remember his/hers name.

LOL i’m brewing up some chamomile and doing deep breathing exercises haha! yea i’ll reach out. fingers crossed. on the bright side, if they repair this issue, they will redeem themselves in my book. Just fascinating how wrong it all was. Pretty sure a solder tip cleaner doesn’t have the same dimensions as an SD05 :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry to hear man. But indeed what you have received is way too small in volume as what you should have received. The packaging with you name, address and parcel order could not have contained what you actually have ordered.
So this is how I would approach Banggood in resolving this mistake. Good luck!

Someone else is also gonna be really sad when they open their drone parts order to find some flashlight junk.


Every package from Banggood, Ali, Gearbest I shoot when opening to camera. It has paid off several times. Clear evidence of what the package contained.

I think this should be a BLF-wide known best practice moving forward. Too late for me, but with future orders, will definitely do. Thanks mate


The poor guy is now gonna have to go on his drone forum & tell his friends all about the junk he got from bangood & it’s not even got batteries & bulbs in.

hm i think they just mixed up your order with someone else :confused:

I recommended that right here a bunch of times in the past, and all but got called “paranoid”.

“Uhh, yeah, right, like who’s gonna do that, film themselves opening up a box?”

Yeah, I’d chillax for a while, tell ’em, “Sorry to be a bother, but I seem to have gotten someone else’s order… can you fix it?”, and just take it from there. No need to get worked up (yeah, easy to say…).

And if not, you can always do a chargeback.

I do that too. I’ve had three occasions with a DOA light, yep all filmed. Communication with Banggood went smoothly, and all problems fixed. :sunglasses:

I think I know where your L2 went


maybe yall can get together and avoid the BangGood terror dome?

Hahaha the one day I’m not in the sub! Wow dude

Just pmd him let’s see what happens

Is this the internet equivalent of two bullets hitting each other in midair

Lol , I’m not sure what that means , but it sounds like it could be.