Banggood - Longest time you've waited for item

So… I’ve heard of people getting their stuff from Banggood in a few days and some people getting them in weeks. I ordered something on 9/2/2014 and it was shipped by normal air mail on 9/19/2014. I’m still waiting for it. The crazy thing is that I currently live in Taiwan… um… China to Taiwan shouldn’t take this long, right?

So my question is, what’s the longest you’ve waited to receive an item recently from Banggood and should I be worried?

BangBad are crap, you’ll be lucky to even receive what you ordered

Well I ordered a Smiling Shark SS-5049 flashlight from them last 04 July 2014 and I didn’t get it yet - after 103 days. :expressionless:

What did you end up doing? Did you file a claim? Did they resend the item?

A lonngggggggggg time,still waiting!! Ordered a few items on 11.27.2012!! It was about $15 worth of Stuff…….did not file claim and will NEVER ORDER from them or any other China based dealer/company again!

Actually I ‘forgot’ that I ordered from them and only checked when I read your thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think I’ll go through all the hassle of filing a complain for a $1.99 light. But one thing is certain, I won’t order from them again. :slight_smile:

Post always takes time

Never had an issue with BG but I’ve also only ordered a few things from them

Hi guys,

If u have problems pls send PM to me.

give me order number and I will help u.

The longest I’ve waited is 14 days with normal shipping. I get most of my stuff from them. Never had a problem.

Well so far, with two orders, it’s been 42 days and 18 days… and counting…

Just received fastest order from banggood 30 hours from time of order. But it was UK warehouse so doesn’t really count. All previous half a dozen orders have arrived in 15-20days.

5 orders placed in last 2 months, longest wait around 18 days, all free shipping method to UK

I ordered a few times from them and there was no problem. Waiting time was around 2-3 weeks from China to US.
They have a good collection and good price, for example, I got DQG triple XPG2 and Nitecore P12 from them.

The shortest for me would be when I ordered on October 9th and got the order today (Oct 14th).

Well, Neal from Banggood said he would resend the first item if it doesn’t arrive by the weekend, so that’s at least some assurance that they’ll follow through on some good customer service. I guess I’ll just keep waiting…

And for those who may say that it’s not the seller’s responsibility once the package is shipped (I’ve heard this alot), I would disagree. For an internet based store, the shipping portion of the sale is part of your selling point and although part of the process is not under your control, the seller still assumes responsibility on making sure their merchandise gets into the hands of the buyer. Delivery screw ups happen all the time in local stores, that’s why there’s insurance. Should be no different for an internet seller.

Are these Banggood shipping delays, packages not
arriving to customers in a timely fashion, part of the
dealings with Banggood ? I just ordered from them
and I was thinking maybe 21-26 days delivery time.
After reading some of these posts, I’m wondering did
somehow, I choose the wrong place ? :~

if you include all my orders, im still waiting for an i3s from over a year ago

if you include ones that actually showed up - 35 days

Hey, But it’s your $$. At least contact them and find
out where your stuff is ! If not, whenever you feel
like giving away $$ , I can send you my PayPal info.
:smiley: :bigsmile:

Yeah you’re right, its my hard earned $. I was actually hoping that it will arrive anytime soon. :tired: