Banggood - Longest time you've waited for item

You should really contact Banggood for the un-delivered

i3s order, that’s more than 1 year old ! Make them

refund you or give you something that’s of equal or of

somewhat greater value. That’s called interest , because

of the time you have been waiting. :expressionless: How many items

have you purchased and how much $$ have you spent

there ?! “It’s yours’ and you want it now”, don’t you ?

You need to get something from them !

The fast shipping to Spain 11 days for netherland Post (sometimes 15-18 days).
Most orders between 18-30 days (registered airmail). One arrived (lithium battery- netherland post)) about 60 days.

From their US/UK warehouse maybe?
Shortest (and atm only since I only started ordering there recently) was September 25th - October 13th. GITD octopus fish lure, smallest item in the order.

My all recent Banggood orders are stuck at Urumuqi/China for few weeks already :-/ Non-Bangood China orders that were ordered later are already in my hand but not Banggood ones.

What’s wrong with Urumuqi?

PM sent.

I’ve got two orders stuck in China, one a flashlight one some 18650’s. I’ve been since refunded by BG but that doesn’t change the fact that I still need those orders. Is there a problem with shipping?

Banggood made me choose whether to have my money refunded or have the light resent. I opted the former. The light might get lost again if I choose the latter.

My orders average about two weeks. No problems or hesitation to order again.

Everybody nerds to remember the customs crackdown affected vendors and shippers.... Only so much cargo van fit in planes and containers.

That’s good, now you’re ok —Uhh, where’s my % of $1.99 ?! :wink:

34 days… excluding Sundays

Duh! :stuck_out_tongue:

3 separate shipments on separate orders for banggood from China to Oz.

Torch = 15 days
D4 charger = 20 days
18650 batteries = 23 days.

So, for me it is within acceptable time frame.

Well… I still haven’t received any of my orders yet, but at least they’ve resent the first one as a good gesture.

Until now and still waiting :-p

suddenly they seem fast .

My last orders came in about 2 weeks

lets just say it was fast enough to seem really fast from china

sorta felt like a fast ebay order

I disagree .... They offer you insurance as an option . the fact they offer it to you ought to tell you something . it clearly says " If you feel like taking a postal gamble and saving 3 $ then feel free . otherwise pay for the privilege of assuming no risk "

people just don't want to assume any responsibility . i think it's unfair for a company top have to assume your risk after they have clearly offered you 11 different options .

You are absolutely correct

" Delivery screw ups happen all the time in local stores, that's why there's insurance." <<--So pay for it if you want it

I only ordered from them once, last month sept, 3.
An Eagle Eye X6 that was not in stock. A few days later I received an email stating the item was back-ordered and did I want a refund, order another item, or wait. I chose to wait.

15 days from ordering and 9 days from shipping, the X6 arrived in my CA mailbox. That is about as fast as I have ever received anything shipped from China. I would give them another order based on this experience…

Please show me the part where it says, “If you feel like taking a postal gamble and saving 3 $ then feel free . otherwise pay for the privilege of assuming no risk ” on their website. And it’s a bold assumption to say that I didn’t pay for registered mail or tracking equivalent for the packages. Also, kindly show me the 11 different options. If “insurance” was $3 extra, I would have gladly paid it. There’s no option for that as far as I can see.

Some paracord arrived yesterday - 19 days after order.
Cheap Q5 lights and silicon grease ordered on 26th last month arrived last saturday (18th, 22 days after ordering).
Still waiting on last shipment (cables/cheapo T6) from 26th. Order listings don’t display the warehouses. Arrived yesterday. Too bad it’s a Q5, not XML T6.

I had no problem with them
All my 20 orders-in time. 7-20 business days

Has someone tried the “NETHERLANDS DIRECT MAIL ” They promise 7 - 10business day for that method