Banggood News Olight S30R Baton/NITECORE TM06 Arrival

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New olight S30R and nitecore TM06 are both available.

Olight S30R Baton CREE XM-L2 1000LM EDC Rechargeable LED Flashlight

this light will come with a olight 3400mah battery and the same charging dock

and now, guys you can apply to review this light. but you need a light NITECORE P12 or FENIX PD35 and compare with olight S30R.

and you need to tell me your advantage of review this lights. Pls send PM to me, this monday I will tell you the lucky guy and send out the light with DHL express mail.

2.NITECORE has a new tiny monster light NITECORE TM06 ,and they will be arrival tomorrow, if you want a better price, pls also PM me.


1. ACEBEAM X60M 3*CREE MT-G2 Q0 10000LM 5000K LED Flashlight

2.Nitecore P12W CREE XM-L2 Neutral White 960lm Tactical LED Flashlight

3.Olight S10R Baton CREE XM-L2 4Modes Rechargeable EDC LED Flashlight

Olight S15R Baton CREE XM-L2 4Modes Rechargeable EDC LED Flashlight

Olight S20R Baton CREE XM-L2 4Modes Rechargeable EDC LED Flashlight

olight S10R, S15R, S20R will be arrival today some, more will be arrival in Thursday.

3.Fire-Foxes FF4 65w 6600LM Xenon HID Flashlight Photography Fill Light

4.DQG 3*Cree XP-G2 R5 26650 World Smallest Mini EDC LED Flashlight



AceBeam MRC18650H-250A LG 18650HE2 20A 2500mAh Rechargeable Battery


Gloves Double Green Swirl Laser Gloves 523nm Built-in Battery 1mw/5mw

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:heart_eyes: I like this new Olight SXXR” series.
S15R , runs ok with AA NiMH?

I don’t like the SXXR series… I don’t like the new switch, the higher price, or the low capacity battery they are including.

It doesn’t run on less than Li-Ion. Specs say it requires a 14500, which is included with the light.

Am I right to be concerned about the possibility of shorting the battery by the charging contacts on the end of the tail-cap? I don’t think I like that design. I prefer my old S20-L2. And the price is a little on the high side, but then again, it comes with a (hopefully decent) battery and charger. Too bad they didn’t increase output either, just added one more low mode.

Low capacity? I’d say they have standard capacity, there’s nothing wrong with 650mAh RCR123 or 750mAh 14500.

I was referring to the S20R in particular with that statement.

I would have loved it if they just took the S20 and added higher output, maybe with XP-L.

Well, what’s wrong with 2600mAh? The flashlight is the feature, not the cell. Probably the only reason they include a cell is because the flashlight is designed around it to some degree, and Li-Ion cells can’t be bought at Wal-Mart and Lowes/Home Depot. In that case, it’s a pretty good deal to get a battery of such capacity, as they really could have gone much lower. I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect them to give you a high-end, high-capacity cell. I’ve seen flashlights at my local electrician supply house with a price tag of over $100 with an included 18650 that was 1500mAh, and no included charger.

On this, I whole-heartedly agree! :bigsmile:

These are their EDC range. They have made it to be a practical EDC. So no high outputs because then battery life would suck.

For me, the issue with including a 2600mah battery is that they are adding a retail price of like $10 to the flashlight with that battery, but a good 2600mah battery is only worth like $2-3 to me and I’d rather they didn’t include it so I could just spend the $9-10 on a 3400 or 3200 high drain.

i described a way to get the batteries for the X60M for free on my blog


To Dangerous and DavidEF

I found information (read different sellers on the web):
About S15R “Can be powered by one non-rechargeable AA battery as a last resort in an emergency” I supose that they talk about alkaline (I can supose NiMH perhaps is possible). Other web I can read battery Type: 1XAA/ 1X14500 .
I think that 750mA is enough for a 14500 .
The price is higher than the S15, reason, including a 14500 battery brand and its own charger for it. For me Olight is a premium flashlight (I think it is normal price for a premium flashlight).

Thanks for looking that up! Good news, then for lovers of alkalines. I wonder if they say specifically “non-rechargeable AA battery” if they really mean that a NiMH won’t work. Maybe NiMH voltage is too low but alkaline cells’ voltage is enough?

Ok. For me will be a good flashlight if it can run with NiMH and 14500, if only run with 14500 and alkaline :~

Sorry to say this but I will never buy anything from bangood again…

I chose the fast shipping method on 3 items so it would take 7-10 days. 3 weeks later I still have not got even one of the 3 items…

Netherland Direct mail untracked? Sometimes 11-13 days to spain, sometimes 25-30 days…
Is your first purchased to a chinesse seller??. Are you worried because you have not received an item after 21 days…… sorry :smiley: but you must get accustomed to if you buy Chinese sellers…. is normal, also have been on vacation 10 days ago on

Good 2600mAh cell for $2? Used laptop pull or something? Olight adds quality, branded cell with charging ability. You can’t charge regular battery in SxxR flashlight.

for $10 you get a 2600mah which assuming is a decent korean/japanese. you’d be surprised how many 2600mah cells have a flatter discharge curve than the panasonic 3400mah. and don’t forget that 3400mah cells need to be discharged down to 2.5v in order to get the full 3400mah which isn’t gonna happen on the S20R

and you get the cradle and USB cable, with the charging electronics

a decent deal for $10

I think you might find this is a move toward making these items more mainstream. liIon cells have inherent dangers in that the right cells are requried, the right charger, not simply appropriate to the chemistry, but in reality as per for example, HKJs testing procedures. With appropriate warnings as would be required to make these readily available in western societies, muggles are likely to feel uneasy removing and charging them. By selling a self contained unit, the maker has some control over what is being used, and buyers have a new product. It becomes like a Laptop or mobile phone, plug and play liIon.

I think its just a matter of time before we see these start to appear in mainstream stores.

yes, the S15R is OK with NIMH AA.