Baofeng noise suppression ..

All radios have inbuilt noise suppression , I now own the GT-3 , UV-5r , UV-82 and UV-B5 ...

So here is a video to compare each radio and how well they deal with noise .


I have the UV-5R and an off brand 3R one…really like the handy talkies

With my thrown together “”fantenna”:” and some RG-58 slid up on my carport, I can hit the saltgrass repeater in downtown Houston from Baytown (about 35 miles) no problem!

Need to get my Yaesu FT-2900R back up and running, built my own copper j-pole and put it up on a TV antenna push pole on the outside of my house but haven’t used it in YEARS

Maybe when we move I will finally get the darn thing up and running

Oh and I got a few of these boards, just need to build em

They all seem similar, except the b5, which seems significantly better. Nice test!

I still dont have a i phone or android or any mobile phone ATM ( wow - I dont have a mobile of any kind )

APRSDroid :smiley:

They have a download, just have to install not in the “market” version

oh, in fact

Sorry to highjack your thread

I run all Yaesu rigs now, FT-7000 (base station use), FT60, and my favorite VX-3. Had all of them for years. Picked up the VX-3 used for $150 with the box and spare battery. I upgraded all the antennas on the handy talks. I also have some of those cheap $15 mag mounts. They work very well. I don’t like the audio of the cheaper chinese radios. Not sure if that has improved over the last 2 years. I would get one if they sounded better.

Just happened to be a noisy day .. So I thought it a great time to compare radios ..

Quite a few guys have Yaesu and Baofengs , and they say the difference is not great enough ..

A lot of people with high ticket radios say the baofeng is as good or better ( Hand held )

I really dont know , but I do know the baofengs work , and with my home made dipoles ( 4 meters high ) I cover most of the repeaters around Melbourne and beyond .

Im still playing , and I love making antennas , next Im going to make a magnetic loop antenna ( 2 meter )

But so far the simple vertical dipoles are proving to be the best .

It would be fun if you could compare to other brands of handhelds you may have access to.

Sound-quality and sensitivity isn't everything, but it is important, as is price...

When I said Audio, I mean the quality of the microphone. All my buddies all sound muffled when they are on theirs. Could just be my ear. ha

Yeah my buddy was a ham op. I can’t be one because I’m too silly. I’d get my license revoked in no time. I mean guys talking about pimped out ice cream trucks and business ventures. They’re just asking to be trolled :slight_smile: I liked to troll around on the cb when I was younger, bow the antennae and stick it behind the seat inside the truck and pull up to a truck stop, mess with those guys… They’d always be like- I got him at a pound here, trying to triangulate lol Your sitting right next to them.

I was big into wifi for years though. Here’s one of the prototypes I made way back- it’s a 20 element yagi tuned to ~ channel 9 (~2450GHz). What’s unique is it blows the socks off of anything you can buy commercial. :slight_smile: The secret I found was just not in tuning for the best swr, but you could lower latency significantly by placing an element high on the dipole. I used the ss roller off a micrometer in the end worked perfect xd I could get latency around 40ms lower in tests to an omnidirectional antennae while also capturing other aps within 20 degrees of the target.

My friend was into building biquads and putting them on dishes (ee engineer himself), even he had to admit it was special… I could capture points he couldn’t even see with his dish xd He built a nice 2 mile point to point though, I went over there and shot this yagi 2 miles to an omni on the other end and still got 2 bars xd I should have put it into production and sold a few, but I’m bad at sales… It’s the curse my dad left me
Oh yeah the shorter yagi’s found didn’t give enough of a boost in db to be worth messing with

Most people report a good clean signal coming in loud and clear , some people dont like the TONE of the audio , but that could be my voice , its kind of deep and soft ..

A lot of portable radios , the microphone is partially blocked by the plastic case , and there is just a 1mm hole to speak into .

The cure most often is to drill a bigger hole , but so far I havent had that issue .

For the price , the Baofeng is an amazing little tool , making Ham affordable .. If I had to pay $500 for a handset , well , id have to find something else to do .

Yes , Yagi ...

I have made a few , they work , but unfortunately they tend to be heavy ..

My problem is finding materials to make antenna from ... I hate seeing what people in America and Europe are doing , only to find that the parts are not available in Australia .

( Oh joy ) So now when I go out shopping , I troll for stuff that could be used to build antenna ...

A bad picture of 2 meter dipole on a collapse-able pole ..

This is my mobile dipole , it can be set up almost anywhere .. I run 2 dipoles ATM , the other is a more permanent set up on a 2.8 meter TV pole mounted to the side of the carport . Pictured is the older shorter pole , I got a longer one for more height ... Both Dipoles sit at about 4 meters which is just over roof height .

Unfortunately this seems to be an ideal height , especially with all the wind we have had recently bringing down peoples towers and antenna ..

I was thinking about buying a 10 meter pole , but again a serious lack of materials or choice ..

Yeah low frequency gets pretty big on element sizes. That looks fine to me old :slight_smile:

This one ( pictured ) runs just about 1:1 on the SWR ,

The other runs 1:1.5 ATM , that RG213 made a big difference to the SWR .. It was 1:1.8 , but after installing tips ( another 2 inches ) the SWR came down to 1:1.5 , I have made a new head ( elements ) that are even longer , and soon will replace the old ones .. Putting on the tips brought down the SWR but it also introduced some extra noise , so I hope the new elements will cure that ..

Ham is fun ..

Oh - This dipole uses RG174 , I know supposedly high loss , but there is nearly no difference when compared to the RG213 or RG58 , the SWR is almost 1:1 across the 2 meter band as well as the 70cm band ...

SO well worth the set up for the low low SWR over two bands ...

Heck I build a J-pole out of copper pipe and adapters I got from the hardware store…very good SWR but I didn’t protect it with an overcoat and it corroded to hell really fast…got over 60 miles with 10 watts easy on 2 meter

Very cool portable setup you have

All the guys on the repeaters here in H-Town or on simplex in my hometown say the audio on these cheap Chinese HT’s are fairly good…no complaints about muffled or tinny or anything, hmmm

My Dipole can reach a Repeater 103km ( 64 miles ) away @ under 5 watt , its not 100% and depends on weather conditions ..

But it is the maximum range of my Dipole + Handhelds ...

So when the Chinese sellers start selling the ( USA model ) BF-F8HP ( Tri Power ) , I will buy one for the extra output power .

BF-F8HP ( Tri Power )….ooooh :slight_smile:

ATM only available to US buyers , 3 power levels ...

Low = 1W . Med = 4(?)W . High = 8W , reports are that high is coming in over 7Watts ...

Over 7 Watts is nearly double the output of the UV-5r .. Should push range somewhat ...

I contacted 409shop , and made them aware of this new radio , so hopefully it will be available to everyone within reasonable time ..

old4570, Can’t find parts?? Wow. I have made & given away several Tape Measure Yagi’s. Fun projects! I also built a PVC 3 element hex beam. It is a laser! Also a while a older ham in my club gave me a arrow beam, that thing is so fun! I use it for all the fox hunts.

Here are the links I used. That and a MFJ analyzer got me some killer results. I kept the hex beam. By using pvc, I was able to make it where I could fold it flat for storage. I use it on field day on top of a old surplus military fiberglass pole rig. Depending on conditions, I was able one year to hit a repeater full quiet 49 miles away with my handy talk on 5 watts and the yagi about 20 feet high!!! Talk about blown away. I was thrilled.

Here’s a link for the Tri Power:


I wonder if they could do a tri-band tri-power version? :smiley: