Batteries vs Ultracaps

I was annoyed by the charging times of NIMH batteries.

Just wishing the ultracapacitors will come and change everything...

*Caution:Very detailed view by the blogger

My dear flashaholics, what are your view on this??Undecided

i don't see a benefit to using them. if charging time is an issue, buy 2 extra sets of batteries.

edit: note, i just skimmed that maybe I missed something

The energy density needs to increase several fold to become a true competitor to rechargeable cells.

If density comes up, these will take over the EV market by virtue of their fast-charging abilities.

Too low capacity, the risk that a short somewhere in the flashlight makes the ultracap explode (fun pastime if it is not in your hand) and high price compared to a comparable pack of eneloop batteries and a charger.

And they do self discharge and rather fast compared to a LSD battery as the eneloop.

The upside is no memory effect in them and the fast charge time.The latter being a mute point if they had a proper capacity in the first place.

I see it as a specialty item indeed.

Of course it would be wonderful if the apperance of such flashlights could drive the development of even better ultra caps in which case we will look at thread and laugh in a few years.

The 5.11 light uses UCs, but it's the only one of which I'm aware.

The Caps' ability to discharge all-at-once was exploited in my youth, when a disposable camera became a stun-gun with a bit of modding.

I got a lot of detention for that one. The nuns were NOT amused.

yeah, now there's a suitable application lol

hmm, what else....

how about a rail gun

Intresting but...

premising that the article is dated 2009

the ultracap of 405g 61x81mm can give 1200 farads at 2,7v aka drive an xml(3,2v) at 3A for ~5 minutes ...mmh them should improve to use it on flashlights

I can make mistakes pls confirm :)

btw that capacitance is whopping if you take it on your body XD them can make a self defence flashlight but maybe will be illegal...

But I would buy it just to power a led of 200watt for a pair second xD ..ya reading the price >200$ of a thing like that I can change my mind but would be cool

270lm for 90min but that thing is like 30cm long baton with a pricetag too salty to even tip a tonque to it.

ty, I understand just the price 209EUR and date 9/2009 there

btw that confirm my estimate(that is also optimistic)

Reviewed on hunting magazine 2009. Use google translate to get the rest :)

Can't get pass the blowing off my hand risk. Really fond of my hands.

I was a lightweight I guess, only used piezo cigarette lighters & piezo barbecue igniter for the big guns. Great for relieving stress in your shoulder muscles. Swear I can stop anytime. I don't have a problem...

Anyone see those cool battery based barbecue igniters? 200zaps/min!

LOL on the piezos. Those worked great on the legs of the school chairs, transferring the spark through the steel bolts in the wooden seats.

The worst (best?) one for me was discovered at the tender age of thirteen. It was a silver book, on the smallish side at ~5x7 inches. On the cover was the German proclamation 101 Sexuelle positionen...of course I picked it up !

Suddenly, my arms were paralyzed - I was gripping the book with two electrified claws, and nearly unable to drop the surprisingly powerful prank.

As it turns out, the silver cover was to increase electrical conduction of what was a crude alternating-current stun-gun-in-a-book !!!

The 5.11 light is pretty average, killer price but really like that charging time(~90secs).

If the Ultracapacitor technology can have more capacity to power like Triple XML lights, eg.TK70...Surprised

If you have D cell rechargeables and lights, you know where i am comin from.

3 mins to fully charge for like 'D' size cell capacity, it will be to 5~30hrs...and maybe a stun gun feature built in...Laughing

You hear that ShenZhen!!Money Mouth

Just kidding...