Hi guys need your help. Is it safe to buy Nitecore batteries? I read a lot that they do explodes. I wanna save I wanna buy product that will not harm me or anybody.
Also I think

what is a safe battery charger. Building 100-240V in the charger is not safe.

What do u think guys?

Nitecore is an established good and reliable brand. Chargers, flashlights and batteries.

But using a charger building 100-240 volts is not safe?

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Check out HJKs reviews on chargers to find a good one.

Test/Review of Charger LiitoKala Engineer 300 (this is the charger I use most if not all of the time)
Test/Review of LiitoKala Lii-100 (of th (bought from around $4 a piece) I have a bunch)

Nitecore isn’t a battery manufacturer, but I think they use quality Panasonic/Sanyo cells under their nitecore printed wrappers

Nitecore are generally safe and quite high quality. That is as long as you get a genuine product, there are some fakes out there.

100-240v will be the input voltage range of the charger. Output to the battery will be below 5v, with cut-off for the battery at around 4.2v fully charged.

Found this in the net, in Google search. Pls read this…

If you’re so very concerning about safety, my advise is please stay away from Li-Ion battery.

Alternative? use Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) rechargeable battery, purchase reputable brand/manufacturer such as Panasonic/Sanyo Eneloop, which I think is the best, and yes, don’t worry, it is very safe & easy to handle.

For charging battery, use original Panasonic battery charger that comes with the battery, stay away from unknown brand and you’ll be fine.

Lastly, if you’re also into flashlight, many reputable brands have Ni-MH powered flashlight too.

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