Battery Box for 18650's

Hi all, I am currently looking for a waterproof battery pack to contain 18650’s with 8.4v output. I want to be able to swap out cells also. Ideally I would like a 2 cells series, 2 cells parallel pack.

The only things I find like I am looking for are the battery containers that come with the Fenix bike lights. The top middle pictures on these two links ~ Fenix Image Link 1
Fenix Image Link 2

I hope you all can help me out, I have been trying very hard to search for this and came up with absolutely nothing…so I am entrusting it to the BLF members.

Would this work for you?

Exactly! I guess I wasn’t looking at the right dealers. It seems I was fooled to shy away from BG since there’s been a little drama recently.

Thank you very much for the help. I truly appreciate it.

Does anyone know will protected button top, or even flat top batteries fit in that case? I have seen one version that does look like this but it didn’t work well, it was absolutely too tight for protected batteries. :frowning:

It should be getting to me in the next week or so, and I’ll test that out for you. I have ncr18650b protected and unprotected. I also have some tenergy 2600’s, along with ultrafire red’s and a little gray random laptop battery.

I’ll probably post a mini review around here somewhere since there doesn’t seem to be any.

Sounds like you’ve found the one you want, but for posterity:

(fwiw, I’ve long since given up on DX, but if you’re desperate…)

Flat top batteries fit the Banggood case fine — it has brass nubs at the bottom and springs in the lid, so contacts either end of a flat-top cell fine.

I would like to wake up this thread. I have tried to found some good case for 4pcs 18650 2s2p but looks like there is no any good available. Have anyone found some good case that could fit protected batteries also? Other than this Solarstorm, that high parasitic drain is really no no and no need for USB output either. This looks nice, but i understood it is 4 parallel:
Something similar but with 2s2p configuration.

I think these are just what i need, here if someone else is looking for these:


O, sorry, it’s 5 volts 2 Amperes output…
it’s a powerbank basically…

It is cheap though, maybe just remove the electronics.

Actually that Solarstorm has both, USB 5V output and 8.4V output. Problem with this version is just that ~8mA standby current. And also i don’t have any usage for USB output.

But i ordered those eBay versions, hope they arrive soon. Ill tell how they perform when i receive those.

I got eBay versions and suprise, these are Solarstorms. :frowning:

But as it is discussed on the solar storm thread, parasitic current is now much lower. I 1,92mA measured at 8.4V, Which is quite “ok”. Still i do not like that USB cable and sad thing is also that protected batteries could not fit easily. I think it is usable with protected batteries, but it will not be completely closed. With unprotected batteries this is ok, but there is no protection for every cell, so it is not that safe.

I did eliminate that USB output and i will change that power cord, propably to this:

But im still looking for quality 2s2p battery box. :slight_smile: