Battery dying on a CREE XM-L2 Diving flashlight

Hi all,

I bought this flashlight:
and with the battery fully charged and the flashlight not in use the battry dies in around 20 days.
I don’t know how to find where the leak comes from… Maybe is the dimmer?
You have any experience with this kind of issue? Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot.


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Parasitic drain, all magnetic switch suffer. Just unscrew tailcap a little when you are outside of water:-)

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Anyway, that’s normal.

See post #2 from here Ultrafire DV-S9 diving light? .

The Hall-effect sensor drains about 10mA, so if using, say, a 5000mAH cell like my blue-wrapped LKs, that’s

5000mAH / 10mA = 500H

or about 20-21 days, spot on.

They lock out with a fractional-turn of the tailcap, so that’s what I do ’til I need to use it.

Hey zeremefico and Lightbringer,
Thanks for your answers! I will unscrew the tailcap and that’s all.
Thanks a lot.

No worries… enjoy!