BATTERY Group Buy- Massdrop feeler!!!!! USA Li-Ion batteries! PLEASE VOTE!

Hey guys,


Since batteries are now a PITA to get for good prices I have posted a feeler for MassDrop to do a Li-Ion GB for us. If you dont know what MassDrop is then you are missing out! They organize group buys for people and are able to get good discounts since they order in LARGE quantities and ship from their warehouse in the US, Texas iirc. Anyways, I added the Panasonic 3400, FeiLong and AW for starters. Feel free to post batteries you are interested in and make sure to VOTE!!! You can vote 3 times so pick your top 3! If we get enough votes then MassDrop will start the GB for us! Voting doesnt lock you into buying so even if you dont want to buy, PLEASE VOTE!

MassDrop normally can provide 30-50% off retail so if we can get this to go through then we will get a killer deal! There is a good chance they will go through since they have had a few flashlight GBs and many vapper GBs so Li-Ion’s are needed by members there.

Thanks for reading, now go VOTE HERE

Interesting idea. I voted for the protected NCR's. How do they get around MAP? For example I was looking at the Audio Engine D3. MAP is $189 everywhere else - even Amazon.

Seems they accept anything for an email & pass, in case anyone is turned off seeing that they want you to sign up.
Something like xcjhjf@hujf.ddg pass: sgfd

They go directly to the manufacture/source so if for example the Panasonic are the winner then they go to Panasonic or whoever makes them for Panasonic and get them directly OR if they cant get it that way then they have their ways. They list the starting price at MAP and then for every 10, 20, 50 or however many they set the tiers to, they provide a discount. Check out some of the deals going now. They have 2-3 price tiers based on member who join :beer:

Best part is you can buy 1 or you can buy 100………no matter the amount you get the current tier price PLUS if the price drops you get that price :slight_smile: They dont charge your card or paypal until the “sale” ends so you get the lowest price achieved

I signed up (using a disposable e-mail address).

Voted for unprotected/flat top NCR18650B. Can never use enuff of those!

Should make them find us a deal on 3600mah NCR18650G!!!

-Jamie M.

Panasonic likely won’t sell direct unless your ordering a tens of thousands. Like Nichia with their laser diodes.

Panasonic isnt the only source for these batteries……even if they order 1000 from say FT, they can get a WAY better deal then we can. Dont under estimate the power of bulk buying :wink:

They are doing the heavy lifting, not us. When the poll gets popular they start looking for the cheapest source. They have a full team doing nothing but finding the cheapest place to buy their items in bulk (sometimes it directly from the source and sometimes its from a reseller. all depends but they only buy genuine products)

BTW you can add any batteries you want to this poll and edit your vote accordingly. We just need 200 votes before MassDrop responds to our request. They were doing a GB for laser on LPF until they were told from the manufacture that they cant ship to the US since they are not FDA approved so now MassDrop wont do laser GBs but we can do flashlight ones (FYI there is a feeler or it might have hit GB, for flashlights. believe there might be two, at least there was last month unless the merged them)

You could vote up your own poll as long as they don’t block tor exit nodes.

Just change the mac address in your router, reboot your modem, clear your cookies, vote again :slight_smile:

-Jamie M.

Well ATM i dont need any more batteries so this GB doesnt really mater to me. I figured id start it since i see so many threads about “cant buy li-ions anymore” etc…… Took 2 min to start the GB and i dont care if it goes through but figured id post it just in case you all cared.

Already have 10 Panny 3400 and 16 Sanyo, plus a bunch of random cells. If the GB goes through then id prob buy 2-6 cells but if not, no sweat off my back. Also no point in me making 100 accounts to vote. I use MassDrop for their other GBs so dont want to risk getting in trouble

Just bought the Wood Xmas card……$9 for a wooden xmas card that will never be forgotten due to being unique :slight_smile:

EDIT: plus i was going to post the link on LPF and CPF. I figure between these three sites we can get 200 votes. If you all want this to succeed then feel free to post the link in whatever forum you want. I just started it, you all are going to make it succeed or fail. Ill keep bumping the thread in CPF, BLF and LPF but thats all :beer:

Laser components can be shipped to the us, they just didn’t want to get involved in lasers. Someone spooked them. C@sio threw their weight around a bit at first over LPF posts on tearing down their projectors.

It wasnrt components, it was for full high powered lasers. They got to the stage of going through the top 3 and the manufacture wouldn’t provide FDA approval or sometging massdrop cancelled it. They said they’d only do it with a company who can provide fda approval, hence why the laserbtb GB on LPF is happening since they are FDA approved (any one interested in that then chexk my other threads)

Bump for all you battery lovers :wink:

Also I shouldnt say idc if this doesn’t succeed. Obviously I wabt it to or I woukdnt have made the feeler. What I meant was that if it doesn’t happen then it doesnt harm me since I have enough batteries ATM

No harm no foul! Thanks for thinking of us Livinloud!

Lol ncrbs are the batteries which you can always get from anywhere for good prices (around 15$ a pair)….
Isn’t DMM selling them too?
Just one seller has stopped selling them…LOL

I guess 18500 would be more interesting as they are hard to get for cheap…

Well like mentioned above, you can add any battery or size to the feeler and people will vote on them. That why I have a 18350 and 32650 in the feeler since I could use those. Don’t have any 18500 lights but if that what you all want to add then be my guest. The point of massdrop is to add what you like and people vote. No harm in adding your likes to my feeler, that’s the point