Battery Powered by water ;)

You just have to see this one :D

Environmental Friendly 1.5V 60mA Water AA Batteries

Invention that you have been waiting :P

60 whole mah! Wow! I still may order some, could be fun to play around with.

60 mA. even clock will last couple days with that capacity :D

anyhow, it's interesting. how does it work?

edit: found some additional info

there is another thread about this already
how many would it take to run scaru’s monster light?

Water has already been burned. It’s a combustion product. And as such, it has no energy to give. The battery may need water to operate (like maybe as an electrolyte). But water has no energy to supply. In a way, it’s kind of like those potato batteries common in grade school science projects. Although potato starch actually COULD supply energy (with air as an oxidizer) in a fuel cell, in these batteries, it’s actually the metals that supply the energy.

you explained that better then i could, i would be talking about lowest energy state and would have to explain that, and so forth

of course if you had H20 made of antimatter that would be a different story :bigsmile:

just don't feed them after midnight :P

Very true about water made of antimatter. Of course, even if we’re talking about plain old ordinary water, you could get SOME energy by oxidizing it with something more powerful than oxygen (like fluorine). However, fluorine would be required as an oxidizer. And this would certainly not be very ‘green’, especially considering the toxic nature of both fluorine and the resulting hydrogen fluoride.

I came across an old technical paper on a proposed rocket engine that ran on fluorine and powdered uranium. Also one that used mercury oxide and powdered uranium. Damn EPA would probably put the kibosh on such fun these days…

Are we talking about engines for use in the atmosphere or in space?

Atmosphere, of course!

And I thought FLOX (oxidizer that’s a mixture of fluorine and oxygen) sounded ludicrous!

Yikes! To think, I refuse to use alkalines in my lights on the off chance they’ll rot in place.

“due to the chemical reaction involving magnesium, these batteries are known to deform and cause damage to products used with these batteries”