Battery-powered motion sensor light

Are there any good battery-powered motion sensor lights? Preferably with 18650 or 26650.

Haha. I am also searching for one since yesterday.

Might be able to adapt 3 18650 to 32650 batteries in parallel… I like those wall mounted ones, use those in the breezeway- but the expensive ac powered kind.

You trying to light up a bear in the woods?

I have this one. It uses 3 AA batteries.\_trksid=p2060778.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

It is pretty good, so I ordered 2 more.

I use the ones from dorcydirect (alkaline batteries).
EDIT — Dorcydirect sells a couple of newer version of the bullet-shaped one called “Mr. Beams” above — there are lots of resellers with various names for that basic light in 1-LED and 2-LED forms)

Their 3xD outdoor motion sensor light lasts about a year between battery changes, so far quite adequate for steps and walkways.
It fails to steady ON when the battery is getting low so you notice it’s time.


(watch for their discount codes, usually 15 to 20 percent off, sometimes 2-for-one)

I figure three D cells once a year isn’t bad for now

But solar-recharged versions of this kind of thing ought to be available somewhere soon.

I have a few of the Mr. Beams units. They work really well. I have the 4 D models that have 2 led’s and they do excellent. I run regular energizers. Seems like they last for a few months. They aren’t gonna light up the back yard, but great for lighting up a doorway or steps and the like. They could be easily modded to fit something like a single 26650. That was my original idea, but the runtime of the 4 D’s is too good to justify the mod.

4 D batteries every few months sounds expensive……

I have couple of the 4-D and newer 3-D models. They seem to last ~ a year with ‘normal’ use, whatever that means. I have them pointed at the front steps, side yard path, and back patio so they get some regular use but not like 10x a night.
I’ve been somewhat tempted to stuff them with LSD Eneloops in a D-adapter but it just isn’t worth the bother. I’d be climbing ladders 3-5x/year to recharge them.

I have had the 3 AA motion sensor light that I mentioned above for a month. I replaced the 15 white leds with 2 1W warm white leds. It is brighter and more pleasing to my eye.

I would be interested in this, one that works on NiMH AAs and has good output (100 lumens or more, on upgradeable LEDs)

I have 2 of these - one in the yard and one inside. They are great. The one in the yard seems like moonlight which is just enough and the one over our stairway seems brighter, of course as it is in a confined area, but serves the purpose without blinding. Cheap enough at less than $ 20.00,43456,43349&p=69310

I don’t have any equipment to measure the brightness. I am using 3 NiMH AAs and 2 1W warm white leds with a 10 ohm resistor in series (on both leds). I think each led is getting 120 ma.

The led is similar to these

motion activated Piss Light: Nichia 219 Motion Sensitive Piss Light

(that’s using a single LED in the output side of a motion sensor board — probably taking power otherwise meant to be switching a relay to handle a brighter light or other device)

I bought a handful of those boards on ebay and have the little lights in a lot of dark corners that are trip hazards at night — these operate day and night,they don’t have a daylight cutout.

They are not enough brightness! has one of their (frequent) 20-percent-off, free shipping sales on now — through Feb. 16th
This sale includes some “buy one get one free” items — one is a 3-C-cell motion sensor I like fine.

use the promo code WINTER

For their motion sensors — I open them up and put a piece of yellow/amber color filter film over the typical white LED (same stuff I use on PDA and computer screens for nighttime, blocks the blue band)