Batthead: A battery in charge

Well… it’s sort of a cool idea; but wow are the batteries expensive!!!
A single battery is $40

Hmm… isn’t a non-controllable NIMH battery just a standard NIMH battery???

It is, but if it's in a battery holder that puts the cells in series, it'll still lock out all the batteries.

not worth it, it has some nice application ideas, and i only skimmed through the page but unless they are eneloop they are not good enough, and if they are then they just cost too much

It looks like they’re using 2/3 AA cells for the “batthead”. It isn’t hard to match NiMH cells with a good charger. Not sure about mixing an unknown 2/3 AA cell with higher capacity eneloop AA though.

The idea is nice, but it's really expensive not available outside the CONUS, unknown capacity (I will ask this the developer) and the $137.000 goal is hard to take.

A supporter asked 5 days ago. No answer.

Didn’t there used to be a cartoon show about this product… Beavis and Batthead…

they will be demanding royalties then