Beam Angle?

I am looking for a smallish daytime dive light. Want something to see some colors, look under ledges, look into holes, etc. Will be used at less than 5 feet from objects. Would really like something with a single 18650. Generally speaking, I hate narrow beam lights and am wondering what is a good beam angle for this kind of use?

Not to toot my own reviews, but the DL40 is hella nice.

Uses a quad of LH351Ds, which are nice big chips to begin with (so a naturally wide hotspot and generally floodier), but 4 of ‘em as well. Great CT/tint, hardly any angular tint-shift, really nice quality light. Big honkin’ thing, bright as Hell, lots and lots of runtime.

Simple UI (L/M/H), hard to screw up.

Includes cells, 2-bay charger, everything you need to drop in the water and start shining at things.

Thank you for the response. I have edited my original post to add that the light should be smallish and use a single 18650.

More 18650 designs of late have moved to the 21700 form factor. I wouldn’t leave out that battery option as my older Sofirn 18650 dive light is very, very close in size to the latest Sofirn model SD05. I have one on order and the Sofirn store has it a a super price too (and I’m a confessed light junky, but also a diver) :smiley:

Oh and on beam angle: I also like checking out the micro-world of diving too. Seahorses 1” tall are hard to see, and there is quite a lot of color to be seen for sure. I can’t recall my older Sofirn’s tint (but it is likely in the higher range above 6k). Anyway, it was a great dive light used on one night dive. We saw far and close in a few feet away using power settings to keep things at less than full-output, and I never felt like there wasn’t plenty of spill or a problem with color rendering. My wife and I both really enjoyed the light on our dive.

But with the new SD05 I chose the 5k led option as I recently started getting more into this more “natural” range (with better color rendering). I suspect Sofirn has good notes to go by with this latest model, as they have already put out many dive lights— and most have been reviewed with good marks.

Wellp, that ain’t gonna be a tubelight, that’s fer sher. Most diving-lights have big heads. And if you’re making the head bigger, at this point it pays to go to at least a 21700 if not 26650.

Forgot the SD series from Sofirn, whether they were meant to be throwy or floody, but the SD02 and SD05 are quite nice, too. One has a pushbutton magswitch, and the other has a rotating magring. Similar, the Wurkkos WK20/WK20S.

One more reason to say screw the size and opt for the DL40. Ain’t gonna beat the high-CRI ’351s in there, at least not until some other light starts coming with ’em.

Ya, that light is probably super tough too. Could have been an OEM deal put out to the market with Sofirn being a manufacturer for other brands. If I were a daily diver I’d probly opt for the larger, heavier light. I’d say it comes down to preference in the hand, but the DL40 might edge the SD05 in rendering too.

I bet I own one soon :person_facepalming: