Beam Shots/VIDEOS-High output Throwers. SBT90/CFT90 and Others

Here are some pretty decent beam shots of some of my mostly modded throwers.

TN42 With CFT-90 Pointed towards ORION THE HUNTER Constellation. Taken last night on a beautiful clear night.

NI40 Modded with a FET Driver. NO STEP DOWN Anymore!

Tree is ~120 yards away.

Tree is 60 yards away.

Trail shot

Thank you for the exciting beamshots! I like high output throwers because they make me happy.

Which emitter in the NI40?
Thanks for posting

Sorry. I should have specified. SBT-90 G2

MT35 W/ XHP50.2



Got my X65 MINI NW 5000K Today. :+1:

Nice shot of the Orion…

I was also able to do some night shots a couple of weeks ago when there were very clear skies (lockdown in effect - a bit less air & light pollution) in our place…

(pics not taken on the same nights, but all were within a few nights of each other)

Orion constellation (in this particular shot, even the less brighter stars were clearly visible, I wasn’t able to replicate this shot again the next few nights)

Lighting up the Moon…

Great throw and spill. The picture of you lighting up the trail and road are GREAT shots. Pretty much lights up as far as the eye can see.

Thats what I like to see :+1:

What light is that? BLF GT?

MF04 (XHP35-Hi NW)

Single, small, high performance emitter in a very large reflector is the way to go for exciting throw flashlights. I started off with K 70 in this category, and next for me was TN 42, and my current flashlight in this exciting category is K 75. I do not have any of the equipment necessary to take decent beam shots so all I can offer is my verbal description. Large, high performance dedicated throwers are exciting! Thank you for your exciting beam shots.

Tree 240 yards.

TN42 CFT90


Side by side TN42 on Left,K1 on Right.

NI40 SBT90.2 ON LEFT, K1 SBT90.2 on Right




NI40 SBT90.2 Modded with FET[Custom] Driver by EasyB.

Thanks for the beamshots! K1 looks great but I’m very impressed with the NI40, I always had the impression that it was a flooder instead of thrower.

X65 mini is a whole different beast.

You are welcome. The video I posted on my new thread gives a decent idea of the beam intensity of the NI40 and K1.

BaronVonEissler…… GREAT JOB , we need more beam shots here on BLF , I hope this thread grows :beer:

Thanks. Check out my new thread. It has videos and beam shots. I will post more videos Depending on the interest.