Beamshots At 671Yds Or 2012Ft

I drove 12 miles out to the gun range where nobody would bother me to take these shots for you guys. I didn’t even see one single car go down the highway. I finished up at around 2:00AM central time. I started around 1:00AM. Now the air out here is slightly different than around my house and not as clear. But these turned out pretty good. I used my odometer to measure the distance. It was right at 100ft shy of .4 miles. And .4 miles is 2112ft. So I subtracted 100ft to be as accurate as I can.

The first set of pictures were all on man 1.2 sec shutter f/2.8 ISO 200.

I’m aiming at a stop sign at the end of the gravel road.

ThruNite Catapult V3 XM-L2

Crelant 7G5CS U3

BTU Shocker

85watt HID

Power On Board 35watt HID

Vinh K40 De-domed XM-L2 6.5 Amps

Vinh TN31 De-Domed XM-L2 6.5 Amps

Now here are the other photos that are a f/4. All the other settings are the same as above.

Control Shot

ThruNite Catapult V3 XM-L2

Crelant 7G5CS U3

BTU Shocker

85watt HID

Power On Board 35watt HID

Vinh K40 De-Domed XM-L2 6.5 Amps

Vinh TN31 De-Domed XM-L2 6.5 Amps

I hope you guys like them. I turned my ISO down to 200 on all of these so they won’t be as bright. I have been using 400. I may even go to 100 on my next shots I take. I’m trying to get my photos to be exactly what I see in person. So I’ll examine these and see what I think.

Nice work, lot of effort gone into that and some amazing lights, thanks for sharing.
Is the shocker the original and which driver?

You can totally see the strong throwers by their lightsaber beams!

Yes. It’s the BTU Driver.

Looking at these on here and going off of what I seen in person is very similar indeed.

That 85watt HID is a beast for lumens and spill. Very impressive if I do say so myself.

And I believe I got a little high and to the right a little on the last POB 35watt HID shot. But the beam is still hitting the stop sign and the road.

That’s a trailer on the left of the road.

Wow, that’s 0.644 kilometres! :open_mouth: Thanks for the beamshots!

Wow, can you really drive an XM-L2 at 6.5 amps!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the hard work and excellent photos. We all really appreciate threads like this one.

That 85watt hid is very impressive. Got any details on it? eBay link or something?

Fantastic work. Thank you again for great comparison shots. You are truly a beam shot master.

It’s just the 85 watt HID off of ebay. It has the 4300K bulb. There is a guy on there that sells it that way.

Thanks for the compliment. I try.

Here’s the 85 watt HID basically I got. I bought my bulb from this same guy. That flashlight is machined exactly like mine.

Great shots Brad. I am still having fun with the 85WT HID that you sold me. I don’t have any light with that kind of spill. I swear it is about 180 degree . Those de-domed lights are unbelievable!

Thanks. I’m glad you like it. Just keep the battery pack charged every so often if you don’t use it for a few months.

That 4300K bulb is what makes the difference in that light. The 6000K bulb won’t be near that bright or throw as good. Yea this light surprises me everytime I take beamshots from it. It even beats the BTU easily in spill and lumens. It just lights up everthing up close with a wall of light.

Your right those de-domed lights Vinh did take the cake.

Great shots and work! Thanks for sharing!


And that was all done with a $100 camera. LOL!

Hint jmpaul320. :wink:

$100 is 1/25 of a maxabeam :stuck_out_tongue:

The same can be said for the right camera.

Here is a Google Earth snap shot of where I think you where standing. The yellow line measures 671 yards to the intersection where I would guess is the location of the stop sign.
Were you standing about there in the parking lot?
Google Earth is great for this stuff, I use it all the time to measure golf drives.