Beamshots comparison of FandyFire UV-S5 ( Sky Ray King ) VS Modded TR-J18

got this MY TR-J18 Modded by Tom E, with fresh KingKong Batteries it hit 5300 lumens on his home made sphere :slight_smile:

Thanks Tom!! :smiley:
control shot

FandyFire UV-S5 ( sky ray king) +/- 2000 lumens
distance to the shed about 75 feet away

Modded TR-J18 +/- 5300 lumens

beamshot comparison side by side with contrast reduced by 20%
TR-J18 on the left and FandyFire ( sky ray king ) on the right, distance to the fence is about 30 feet away

can’t wait to get my Keygos M10a and 26650 flashlight back with Tom’s mod… copper sink with U3 and 4.Amp driver :slight_smile:


Nice beamshots, keep in mind you gave the TR-J18 a slightly longer exposure time, by approximately .05 seconds (fairly insignificant).

point and shoot camera :8)