Beamshots from some larger lights

There is snow out there so these aren't really comparable to any others. Mind, it does make the beams look more impressive.

The more powerful of these really need a longer test range than my backyard. Maybe when the weather's better I'll get out into the sticks where there's room to play.

The participants were Fenix P3D (OK, not an 18650 light - running on a pair of RCR123s). I think this is a Cree P4 emitter. When using RCRs there is no difference between high and turbo. Doesn't get hot. Will run on a 17670 for about 40 minutes on turbo

Aurora SH-032 stainless steel. Pretty small for an 18650 light. 3 modes - high, low strobe. Does get hot - will burn your hand after 40 minutes.

Generic R2 dropin in an Ultrafire WF-502B. I have a few of these single mode dropins. They throw well but seem pretty dim indoors because of the tiny, but very bright spot. Doesn't get more than warm.

Mystery KD quad-die LED in an Ultrafire WF-504B. 5 modes in a very odd sequence. Starts in high, then strobe, the SOS, then low, then medium. Strange and not very useful.

DX 5 mode R2 dropin that came with Ultrafire WF-504B. Nice, throwy, bright. Gets warm after an hour or so. Gives 2hr on high.

DX MC-E dropin in an Ultrafire WF-503B. 3 mode - high low strobe. Gets hot, but won't burn your hands.

Uniquefire T5 - now a single mode. Gets hot, but not hand burning unless you use RCR123 in it.

Aurora AK-P7 two mode via a resistor in the switch. Same body as Ultrafire C8. One of the warmer P7s

Ultrafire WF-500 2x18650 incandescent. Bright and a tight spot

Ultrafire RC-T5 4 LED 3 modes - high low strobe

Ultrafire RC-T6 3 modes and no silly flashing ones

ROP Low (In a 6D Mag)

Here they are: apart from the ROP

From the top: Fenix P3D

Ultrafire WF-500

Aurora SH-032

Romisen RC-T6

Ultrafire WF-504B (5 mode R2)

Romisen RC-T5

Ultrafire WF-504B (KD mystery quad die)

Aurora AK-P7

Ultrafire WF-502B (Generic R2)

Ultrafire WF-503B (DX MC-E dropin)

Uniquefire R5 on the right bottom.

So here we go:

Control shot

Fenix P3D Low

Fenix P3D Medium

Fenix P3D High

Aurora SH-032 Low

Aurora SH-032 High. See how the spill has lit up the house at the bottom of my garden's roof. 40 or so metres away.

R2 dropin

KD quad die Low

KD quad die Medium

KD quad die High


oops - forgot to take these ones...

DX MC-E dropin in WF-503B. This one doesn't tailstand. Low

DX MC-E High - see how much of the roof behind the tree is lit up, and that's the spill. Approximately 40m/140 feet away I think.

Uniquefire T5. Nice body, fried dropin. Still bright.

Aurora AK-P7 low

AK-P7 High

That is bright.

Ultrafire WF-500 incandescent. This won't work with protected 18650's as it draws something like 4 amps. Note the tight hotspot

RC-T5 High (This was one of the last taken and I was getting cold so forgot to do the low shot.)

RC-T6 Low. Lots and lots of lovely flood. See how much background is illuminated - this one's more of a high powered flood than a thrower.

RC-T6 Medium. Note how this has whited out the snow completely.

RC-T6 High. Now that's a lot of light.

ROP Low, in a 6D Mag. Not entirely practical but it throws for ever. This is the tightest focus I could get with a cut down stock Mag reflector. Which will melt if you run it for too long. As will the plastic lens. I have a metal reflector and glass lens to replace those items but since it hasn't melted yet, I've not bothered.

Dang i love the T6 was as if the sun was out.

Incredible shots here Don, thanks so much for sharing them. This is a real testament to the high-quality budget lights that are available these days. This one's going on the frontpage. (I need another frontpage! You guys are really going to town with these superb posts.)

How does one get to the front page...i thought i was on the front

It's just the page at the root of the domain. I've been promoting the most exceptional posts on the frontpage, among which are several of your great reviews.

Okay gotcha....didnt know that was the front page....nice setup....i get to see all the new posts first instead of clicking on the forum tab.

Cool. You think it's obvious enough for a new user that the frontpage only shows a list of recent posts, and that for the full forum index you click on the "Forum" link in the left sidebar?

Yes it is.....before you changed the setting i was always clicking on recent post on the left side of the page at the bottom. This makes going to a post fast and simple.

The RC-T6 is pumping out about 840 lumens on high. Still waiting for the white stuff to go away so I can get to the rural test range to play. Hauling stuff a mile through chest deep snow up a steep hill appeals not at all. Especially as the power gets awfully flaky in winter.

I'm on holiday next week so hopefully some serious melting will have happened by then.

Cool......The temp over here is rising by the day......chilly at night but 50-60's during the day.

To my surprise I got to test the air conditioning in my car just now. Air not that warm, but a lot of heat in the sun.

I have to head out of town on Thursday to look after 4 horses, 2 dogs, 2 cats and a lot of chickens for a friend. Even has broadband internet access so there ought to be some longer range beamshots possible. There is lots of quality darkness there and plenty of room so I'll dig out the lights, measuring tape, chargers, cameras, tripod and so on. Hopefully it won't rain...

As if it does, I've four horses to muck out which is far from my favourite job. Feeding the cats/dogs/chickens is no bother - the horses are a lot more work.

Great! We're looking forward to the shots. Have a good trip.

Nice to get out of town for a while - this isn't that far out of town. But it is a nice place. Here's Hamish the horse being disgusted that I wasn't feeding him. This was AFAIK at dawn last year.

Cool, i see that your going bring out the heavy throwers, cant wait to see the pics man. Have fun and please give the horse a carrot for me.

But will dish out some treats to them. Except Rummy who ignores everything except food. I've watched him with other ponies (Genetically he's a Highland Pony), and the only thing he is interested in is eating. But he is good at pulling a carriage built in 1899. Mints he eats, carrots he spits back at you.

I'm not either of the people in this picture

That would not be a good idea, you might just end up blaming me for the carrots in your face. City life does not compare to where your going to be, going to be nice and quiet there.

Spent 2 years of my life in a desert. The other 48 were in cities. Problem is that horses have a very good sense of smell. They can still smell the mints in your pockets after they have eaten them. A horse trying to eat your pockets hurts a lot. I have the scars to prove it.

You don't get quiet like the Kalahari gives. Unless the bandits are active. Type 56/AK47's are loud.

I spent some time in Saudi when i was in the Army and instead of gunshots it was nice and quiet, spent most of my duty there cleaning my weapon.Innocent

My job was missionary. Weapons we don't do. At least not in any church I'm prepared to recognise. Still work for the church 26 years later. Sorta kinda. My employer wouldn't know what a church was if it bit them where it hurts.

And I can still tell the difference between an Type 56 and an AK47. Seen too many of both. Been shot at by both.

Southern Africa was not for the fainthearted in the 80's. Had I known this I'd not have been there. Volunteered for medic work in Mozambique in '85. At that point they were crucifying foreigners. Literally. Friends died there. Horribly.

Bitter? Me? No way!!!!!!!!!