Beamshots of an stl-v2, and others

Hi all, I just received my long awaited STL V2, and as soon as I turned it on I noticed the incredibly focused and tight beam.

The STL V2 has a stronger throw AND flood than my X2000 zoomie. Almost instantly this has become my favorite flashlight.

If the pictures aren’t accurate here’s how it goes for throw:

1. STL V2

2. TR-1200

3. King

4. R5A3 (I just felt like including it since it was already in my pocket at the time, so why not?)

Overall brightness (output):

1. King (~2200 OTF)

2. STL V2 (~700 OTF)

3. TR-1200 (~550 OTF <- a guess going by eye)

4. R5A3 (dont have OTF numbers)

K! Now here are the pics! The structure is title at top, then pictures below.

King shot 1:


STL V2 shot 1:

TR-1200 shot 1:


R5A3 shot 1:


King shot 2:


STL V2 shot 2:


TR-1200 shot 2:


R5A3 shot 2:


King shot 3:


STL V2 shot 3:


TR-1200 shot 3:


R5A3 shot 3:


Pointed into the sky (The TR-1200 beam looks brighter on camera, but in reality the STL beam is actually much brighter. My phone camera doesn’t have many options I can access):

STL V2 (Notice how tight the beam is, throws much further than the TR-1200):


TR-1200 (Still not bad, but ever since I’ve seen the STL beam I just don’t think I’ll be using this torch anymore…):


Edit1: Just some random shots of the stl in action:





!! !!

Yes, I realised that there is a major laser beam effect in my photos, but where I live the air doesn’t get much clearer than that (in winter). The last 6 are pretty close to what I see at night, although it doesn’t exactly wash out the tree in the 2nd photo. The rest are more accurate though.

i just got my king today. looking at the v2 beamshot, can’t wait for my stl v2 to come in. i’m going to blind everyone when i go biking!


updated with some action shots

Im thrilled with STL-V2 over again after modding it with SST-50 driver from dx
Do same thing, get maximum of it :d

After that U2 goes in it (I didnt ordered it yet), and mind me not a neutral white or something, Ill get cool white for maximum throw :smiley:

With this driver on “low” its like well driven p60, and on “mid” mode its significantly brighter than 28$ manafonts’s small sun ZY-T13 thrower :smiley:

PC: I forgot to say: nice pics! :slight_smile:

I was informed by Hank at intl-outdoors that U2 only comes in CW. If only it came in NW…

Glad to hear you like it.

One question Ecig, isn't 5 amps a bit much in such a small body with a tiny heatsink?

In fact is 4 amps.
2,0 at the tailcap (i think, but other said it too, i dont have proper MM yet)

SO I presumed it wont be much problem.

Thi thing is that I really dxont nbeed this flashlight for some serious use, but I would use it for some real purposs, wouldnt use it at hot weather more than minut or two high, or several minutes. Just as a precaution.

But, on mid mod its really significantly brighter than SS T13 thrower, so… I think its a good thing to put that driver in… (just dont like to long wait for memory to kick in, but thats old version of the driver, new version is now sold at dx)

good beamshots :slight_smile:

where do you buy STL V2?

and the beamshots you make, distance aprox???

wow that stl v2 sure can throw. when i compare the tk 70 with the king, there doesnt seem to be as much of a difference compared to when you just compared the stl v2 to the king.

does the stl v2 throw further than the tk70…no right?

ILF says no but it wouldn't surprise me to much if yours did. Do you have both a tk70 and a stl-v2?

Judging by ILFs beam shots the TK70 will kill it. Maybe the flood makes it appear less bright?

After watching goingprepared’s youtube video on the TK70, he compared it with an olight SR95. The TK70 had a more concentrated beam than the SR95 so I reckon the tk70 will out throw the stl-v2

There is no contest between the two. TK70 destroys it in brightness and in throw.

Anyone who doubts this, oh well I don’t know what to tell you.

Go look at my pictures I posted between the two.

Go to this link on page 1. Not my thread, but I posted what I felt needed to be said. I know for certain here in MO what my results are and neither of these lights will come close to throwing 1000yds. But you can clearly see which one won between the two.

Nice one ILF, it’s your beamshots that gave me new found respect for the TK70,it’s seemingly, still king of LED torches.

Thank you. I have worked hard on my beamshots to try and tell it like it really is at all the distances I show. The STL-V2 or STL-V6(same exact light-different brands) are both nice bright XM-L’s flashlights and throw very well for the price. But there are some that will beat it easily. I have most of them that will. The TN-31 is on my to do list.

The TK70 is a very bright flashlight, and yes it will out throw any other LED flashlight I currently have. But I doubt it will out throw the TN-31 or SR90.

I’ll add from what I have in single XM-L throwers, the Crelant 7G5, Olight M3X, Sunwayman T40CS, and Olight SR51 will all out throw the FandyFire STL-V6 I have. Now some may disagree with me. But that is according to my samples. I would say the STL-V6 is slightly ahead of the ThruNite Catapult V3 I have.

Can yo mention when taling about them why wil TK70 outhrow STL-V2, for us who are lazy t search for the specs.
It has larger reflector or what?

What about these other lights you say outhrow STL-V2. All have larger reflector? More current to XML (or SST maybe?) More polished reflector?

I forgot my EagleTac M3C4 new version driver. There is no contest between it and the STL-V6.

The TK70 is just a beast with 3 XM-L’s with fairly deep reflectors around each emitter. Now granted it won’t out throw your better single throwers like the ones I mentioned above. But for a triple XM-L light, it will beat the rest. According to Fenix, the TK70 is 131,000cd.

And yes the others I mentioned a combination of what you stated in your question above to why they each out throw the STL-V6. The STL-V6 probably puts out right around 48,000 to 50,000 lux@1m would be my guess. The Crelant 7G5 using 4 CR123A batteries according to selfbuilts sample put out 58,000 lux@1m. The Olight M3X I would say is right around 56,000 lux. The Sunwayman T40CS is 54,000 something lux. And the Olight SR51 is right around 52,000 I believe. The M3C4 I have I would say it’s safe to say is around 63,000 lux.

How about comparison of TK70 and XTAR S1 (or S2, I forgot the name).

I do not own any* 3 X XML* (corrected later) flashlight with deeper and wider reflectors so I dont understand it very well.

There is too many different data of lux-readings, different luxmeters etc. SO its hard to tell.
I had OLight M3X and it didnt seem brighter than STL-V2

(ILF do you have real STL-V2 version or some dinodirect UFV2 version with little less wide reflector??)

SOmeone here also tested Olight, Creelant and STL-V2 and results were different.

Maybe we also have to be aware that most of these budget flashlight vary, more or less, in output. Also different batches etc… SO I really dont know, honestly.
Even if STL-V2, some version, is less bright than Olight M3x, Im sure difference is minor…