Beamshots of Noctigon KR1 Osram W1 + W2 (and others)

Not a full review yet, but last night I made some beamshots with the Noctigon KR1 W1 and W2, C8+ XP-L HI and FT03 SST-40.

The photos were made in a park next to the “new town hall” of Celle/Germany (parts shown in the photos). Photos at each location were shot using the same settings. There are two locations A and B, marked in this map.

First a whitewall shot with the KR1 W1 and W2 (not really visible in the images, but the W2 has noticeable petals around the spot):

Location A (100 m):

Location B (175 m):

Bonus picture with KR4 and KR1 18350 tube:

Very good comparison, stunning pictures!

Great pictorial!

That’s the best beamshot comparison I’ve seen yet! Those windows really help us see the size difference. :+1:

Really good comparison, thanks!

Nice! Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Wish there is a XP-L HI CW to compare with.

Amazing pictures! Wish more ppl would do comparisons like this.

The 3A which is in the pictures wouldn’t make a huge difference over a 1A, the differences are minimal.

That is U6 bin.


Are the tubes identical to the KR4?

Forgot about that, cree’s datasheet states a difference of 100 Lm between the U6 and V6 at 1050 mA, so it will be at least 400 Lm more

i need one of these…thanks for the pics!

Don’t take this “U6-3A” too serious. That is the emitter that I’ve ordered, but you know… Chinese sellers write stuff in their description, but you might receive something else. But I don’t think you will get much more with only 2.8 A in the C8+ host with 8*7135. The C8+ has definitely the worst intensity in this comparison although it has the bigger reflector.

I think the KR1 W2 with 18350 tube is a really good EDC thrower.¹ 100 kcd, really small and 7.5 A should be fine with high capacity 18350. I use the KeepPower 18350 1200 mAh which can handle 10 A. And the capacity is more than enough because most often you’ll use a (EDC) thrower just for a short time.

¹ As long as it works! See 21700 D4KTi COLORFUL version is available - #1633 by SammysHP

Thank you for this comparison! I just ordered the NOCTIGON KR1 (W1 (Osram CSLNM1.TG): 900lm, Lux : 110,000cd)

This does not make it easy to not buy something shiny…. :innocent:

Great album! I have the same FT03 and its much more powerful (but much bigger too!).

In this album I compare a XP-L HI 1A CW with the KR1 W2

Great beamshots. Thank you for sharing.

Nice beamshots. :+1:

Thanks for the nice beamshots ……

And thanks for answering my question with respect to the possible difference between W1 and W2 with respect to which one “appears to be colder” ….