BeamShots (UpdatedJune 2nd, 2012)

In retrospect, If I was starting all over with a flashlight collection, I would buy five lights.

1) P60 host (Solarforce L2P or an Ultrafire 504B) with a 3-mode Manafont or KD dropin. Lights up the world.

2) The Tk41, it is just so dang entertaining when you are able to carry a bigger light, best for throw

3) A Black Cat OSRAM for my keychain

4) The Trustfire T2 for looks and nice size/brightness for causual use in the backyard or driveway

5) The Trustfire Z1 for a mini-light with a lot of lumens and good conversation piece.

I'd still want to stock more for gloveboxes, garage, etc, but those five would make me pretty happy.

Thanks for the beamshots, Trooplewis! I know that took quite a bit of work.

Thanks for the beamshots troop, Great Job!

Nice job troop. That’s the way to do it.

You did it, trooplewis. The final incentive for me to order the F15 and the SMO reflector. Thank you!

That MF XML takes no hostages! Great job!

Excellent review. Thank you for your time and effort.

I find the "mouseover" comparisons to be the best way, rather than side-by-side shots.

Geoff. :)

Aloha and welcome to BLF Geoff!

Thank you kindly Don.

Geoff. :)

Hi trooplewis, i have an ultrafire th-t60 xm-l,

from the picture i couldn't really realize their throws.. do you think Trustfire f-15 is a better thrower...

i'm planning to buy it depending on rewievs, do you think i need that after th-t60?

Hard to tell from pictures, and I dont have either torch. The smooth reflector should throw a tigher and brighter hotspot, however it looks like a slightly smaller reflector.

The above beamshots show the F15 is the winner?

The F15 is the one you want for throw, it has a larger reflector which gives you a tighter beam than the TH-T60. The T60 still throws better than your average P60 drop-in, because the head on it is somewhere between the size of a P60 and the size of the F15 (C8-style reflector)

For maximum throw, also buy the smooth reflector for the F15 to replace the stock OP reflector.

as being a th-t60 owner and f-15 you can make the best comparison between them :) and what i understood from your statement, having th-t60 is not enough for a good thrower, obviously i will listen to you and make an other order for f-15 :( holly god, i joined this crazy flashlight community for 1 month and already i ordered for 200 usd... i think i became an addict for darkness. otherwise it's not meaningfull to buy lots of flashlights :)

I have the F15 and the SMO C8 reflector on their way.

Someone mentioned that the replacement C8 reflector had some bevel preventing proper positioning. Have you reworked it in any way?

I have not, but I didn't screw the head down the last thread.

Awesome shots Troop! Thanks for sharing.

A tip you may want to consider. I took a second tri-pod and made a "cradle" that the flashlights sit in so they all aim the same direction. You could make such a cradle out of many things. I used pieces of aluminum. I don't have a close-up of it handy but I do have this shot to share.

I found a pic of my flashlight holder tri-pod. Here it is...

And a shot without the Velcro...

Sorry, but which 3 mode drop-in is it? I see a few of them on Manafont.


here it is