Beast drivers @ Kaidomain

I have just seen three new drivers at kaidomain, for leds in series at 3A each, for 5,7, and 9 leds, the one with 9 is rated at 100W...




Anyone has a compact host to do it? Haha.

I wonder if those would fit in the TF TR-J12..

thanks for posting

I just ordered the 9led one. Would you believe I actually WANTED strobe for this project?

Oh well...this driver's probably more robust than what I'd been planning...and I'll gain low voltage protection.

Unfortunately, the driver won't be near enough to the LEDs to benefit from the thermal protection.

8000 lumen strobe? I seriously hope you aren’t going to use it as a weapon, because it’ll sure as hell will have potential to be one… :smiley:

that's pretty much the idea w/ the light but I figure it will be so freaking bright that the strobe will be irrelevant (or would simply disorient me, too)

It would be a potential weapon for epilepsy attacks...

So...are you planning to build a 9 xm-l flashlight?

If so, please let us know about the project, it souds huge hehe.

It could also be a 18 XR-E light using parallel pairs of them, with a huge distance :)

yes, i've been assembling the pieces for quite some time. 5 drivers will arrive this week. They were going to be modified and sandwiched but I'm much less likely to toast $100 worth of xmls using the KD driver...

it actually isn't very big at all - roughly stanley led spotlight size...

the emitters have been ordered (but are coming from HK). The only other part I'm lacking is the relay, but I'll probably just buy one from radioshack (local) when I get ready to wire the switch...

actually, I need to check if DX backordered the reflectors.....too many orders w/ them and I haven't updated my spreadsheet

this driver makes me MUCH more comfortable w/ this expensive endeavor - good chance I'd screw up the home brewed version...

The TR-J12 would be able to do low 4000 lumens OTF with the 5 LEDs driver. Not sure if it fits though... That'd be a good use for the MKNE or King Kong 26650s. Not sure if the switch can take it, but it should.....

has anyone posted pics of the driver and driver cavity of trj12? this KD driver is BIG!




(runs down to the basement to start scheming...)

I’d be afraid using unprotected LiIons in such powerful thing… IMO 3x A123 LiFePO4 26650’s would be way to go.

You may want to look at a FET-based switch for that many watts.

is there a benefit to mosfet switching vs relay? I want to retain the stock switch from my host and I'm not sure how to do that w/ a fet, plus I can get the relay locally and relatively cheap...

They (MOSFETs) can handle higher currents than relays in smaller package.

Yes, they're MOSFET based. More likely this one:

I bought one of the similar drivers at Kaidomain last month. I'm planning to build a triple XML U2 IC in a Maglite. I already have the LEDs from Cutter Electronics.

Here's the one I bought:

Thermal conductive adhesive to smash between circuit board and body

4835N N-channel MOSFET

This is a good basic read.

I am a tech not but like TO-220 size because of mount and easy solder tabs. I used one on my Phatlight PT120 and a DX cheapo switch to activate. Was able to keep stock Mag switch location and machine the massive copper heasink (from front of Mag tube to back of old switch length) to house the mosfet internally. I'll try to take some pics possible to illustrate. Am currently working on several high amp projects (DD & CVCC) that may need to be mosfet switched. Have this on order and have been patiently waiting

thanks CX and willie

pics would be great - that's what I was wondering, if a fet can be used w/ a cheapie switch or just alone

I'll obviously need one or the other - the fans alone are eating an amp at 12V

On the phone or would post this pic. I don't remember where it came from and hate to plagiarize but here it is

Cuz of the low voltage was able to eliminate one of the resistors and used a 6.8k (had some) instead of the 10k. Search Lambda builds. I suffer from CRS but recall having issues with the positive ground on the PT emitters. Machined Teflon/plastic insulators to isolate components. This may or not be an issue with pcb mounted emitters.

nice thanks. easier to wire than the design I had for a relay...