Beater Flashlights!!! Long/Pic Heavy too

Talking about bicycles here!! I have a beater bike, in fact I got two of them. A beater bike is a bike that is ragged, ugly, but still rides. I ride beater bikes in bad weather, or sometimes when I know I got to lock my bike up outside, I carry a beater bike.

This morning I don my bike clothes, grabbed one of my pretty bikes, with pretty lights on it, getting ready to hit the streets at 5 am in the morning. I go to work early so I can ride in the dark and run my lights :). Set foot outside and it is pouring down raining.. Chiiitttttt!!

I don't want to drive my truck, that is agony!! I quickly put the pretty bike back in the rack, and reached over and grabbed my beater bike.. Old rust bucket, nice and ugly, but it has a sweet ride.. Now comes the dilemma!! I don't want to put any of my good lights on the bike because it pouring down raining. Low and behold, I quickly look at my building collection of lights and say what do I want to designate as my beater light?

I picked a $7.50 zoomie that runs off an 18650. I recall testing that light out about a week ago, and was amazed of how the zoom setting stay pat even over very bumpy roads. Plus, it only cost $7.50 and gives off good enough light that I could run with this alone.. I already had some two fish knock off mounts on the beater bike. So I slapped in the cheapo zoomie, and then grabbed a light that my wife uses to walk the dog at night. I paid about $3.50 for it off Ebay too. It supposed to be 200 lum 5watts, and runs off 3 aaa batteries. I grabbed that too. Stuck a clone PBSF on the back, that cost me $4.00. Grab my rain hoodie and off into the rain..

Sheesh, the lights were fantastic. The little zoomie was right on the money, and I had the other cheapo on blinky..The ride was so good in the rain, that I took the long way to work, kicked in an extra 8 or 9 miles...Wink

Got to work and took a picture of my beater bike along with my beater lights. These beater lights from now on will take on all hazard duties..Wink

Cool ride, man!

In a word - dedicated! Man you are dedicated! Thanks for sharing!


You are HARDCORE ! I salute you.

I have the same zoomie light and I like it except I paid like $12 for mine. They are good for the tough conditions like rain.

asot, garrybunk, and zeroed4x, it is all about the ride and the lights.. Big fun... ;)

Beater is right ..i thought my $20 worldsport was a beater .I love the massive frame rust .I picked up a sweet trek for my wife but she won't ride it because it has rust on it rides like a dream and wonder why she didn't break out the tiny paint brush and estes model paints and go to town .instead she rides a cheap giant with a pretty paint job ...not half the bike .

nice that any cheap floor to throw will work as a beater bike light ..worked for a long time till I got more sophisticated beater lights :P

Good lights that won't hurt in the rain or fall.

Good bike that won't risk getting stolen.

Thumbs up