Beginner your are lost? This presentation of my kit might help you.

Hi there!

I wanted to buy a flashlight, but I was lost with this variety of brands,leds, batteries, chargers, etc. :confounded:

I wanted :

1- a powerfull flashlight, compact, strong, submersible with a good throw.

2- two cheap but high quality and stable batteries.

3- a good quality charger that can charge different types of battery and also work like a powerblank.

4- a waterproof box to protect charger and batteries during hiking

In this video I present you the kit I made. It is my second video so not perfect but I hope you will enjoy it.

Thanks for the advice of all the forum members which helped me to make my kit. :+1:

Looks like you made good decisions!

Yeah, as soon as I saw the Eagle Eye X6 in the video, I knew it was going to be good. :+1:

tres bien!

Thanks! This X6 is very good, it exceeds my expectations. :slight_smile:

I see there is some french speakers jf_smm :wink:

Nice video piero. You have selected your components well. :+1:

Not for a long time mon ami, but a few decades ago I preferred French girls so it was extremely beneficial. I can’t tell you how close I came to marrying one of them.


Thanks MRsDNF

:+1: … :beer:

Thank you Teacher!

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I am starting this youtube channel and there will be a lot of videos about flashlights, bushcraft, survival, knives, nature, etc.
I want to make short videos and give you a lot of informations in very short time.

My pleasure Piero……. :+1:
I just now “subscribed” also……… :wink:

Thank you :wink:

My pleasure. :slight_smile:

I had Eagle Eye X6 host and as I remember the tube was little bit short to put protected cell inside.
Same story with Eagle Eye X5R.

I don’t know, I use unprotected batteries because the X6 needs 3,5A at the turbo mode, and I read somewhere that protected cells are not always able to give that current. So I choose samsung 30Q that are able to give 20A and have a good reputation. :slight_smile:
But your information is good to know :+1: