Bell wire for tricky mods

I have been looking for something like this for a while but hadn't thought of this. It's called bell wire and I found it on a rare trip to home-depot. It's basically one copper wire inside of very very thin insulation. It's fairly rigid but also thin. It's great for doing multi-emitter or anything where you want the resistance of a heavy gauge wire but don't have the room for it. It was cheap too ($7) and it really does work well for a number of mods. It's not the easiest stuff to work with for all mods though because it's ridged but actually for the multi-emitter stuff in particular it's perfect. Anything where you don't have the room it can work.

It’s handy stuff. I have used it for some applications needing the support of single core wire, like joining two PCB.

Nice find!

What’s the covering on the wire made of?

Sometimes I find that PVC tends to melt when I solder the end of the wire. That doesn’t happen with Silicone or Teflon wire.

It will melt if you need more than one try to get it right. I should have pointed that out, thanks for reminding me.

I don’t mind because I’ve gotten pretty good at getting it right now. Gotta love good flux.

Hadn’t thought of that one yet, it would be perfect.

Another common place for single strand wire is low voltage sprinkler wire that comes in multi conductor cables. 1’ of cable can yield 5’–7’ of conductor.

I had some 24awg single strand lightly coated, it’s a fairly heat resistant coating, from cat5 ethernet cable.

Looks similar to what you have. I never really used it, far too rigid for my applications.

The coating doesn’t take well to abrasive movement or being bent against sharp edges.