Best 14500 cells for Olight S1A

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I’m going to give a friend an Olight S1A.

What decent 14500’s are available? I’m led to believe they must be button tops. Is this right? I can’t recall.

I’m based in the UK but don’t mind ordering from China.

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Protected, I’d go with keep power or nitecore.
Unprotected, windy fire or efest

Thanks - the search function has gone a bit haywire and is unavailable (to me at least) - can you let me know where I can get hold of some of these please? Preferably not in the USA because the shipping costs are way too high.



From europe:

From China:

efest IMR won’t work without a magnet

Xtar 800MAh protected 14500 Xtar cells

HKJ’s reviews, see here and elsewhere on his site:

Is your friend able to correctly look after lithium-ion cells e.g. has a good charger?

Thanks for the link!! The main page sends my brain haywire as I’m colour blind but the individual reviews are what I needed. It looks like he’s going to order some Keeppower 14500’s. I’ve given him a brief rundown on how to look after them and I’ll point him in the direction of the Li-Ion 101 when he has more time. Oh, and I think he’s just going to get the cheap LiitoKala single bay charger from BG to start with.



If you need cheap but OK order this Trustfire

Personally I have them, it is protected battery and real capacity is 800 mAh, price 5.83$ is for 2 batteries and shipping is included into price !