Best 18650 Light with USB charging ~$20-$30?

Is there a decent 18650 light with USB charging under $40?

Update: This thread helped me find the light i was looking for already, but i think this might be a good reference for future buyers looking specifically for USB lights. Keep posting lights if you agree!!

there is a discount code here:

been my edc at work for a year now, great torch


I’d look for a coupon for the Zanflare ZF1. They’ve been selling for as low as $9.99. I think there may be some codes for $12.99 right now.

I have the light that mudguts linked to. I think I got mine on sale for $6. It’s not a bad light for that price, or even $10, but I’d pick another $10-13 ZF1 over it, even if it were on sale for $6 again.

The ZF1 has a choice of two tints, also no concern of accidentally turning it on in a pocket or something, and the USB port cover is a lot more robust than a rubber tab on the other light.

I second this! Zanflare F1 is an awesome light and by the price (with coupons) I don’t think you can find any better! One of the best lights I bought so far!

Thanks again! I’ve read some reports of the nitenumen charge problems and this will be a gift so i’m not 100% comfortable with that one. My end goal is a light that the 18650 will be installed in and never leave. So it has to have good charging. I’ll look in the Zanflare F1, i know i’ve seen it but it went off my radar for a minute for some reason.

For anyone interested, the Mh20 is on sale for $45-$50 if you look hard enough. I would definitely pick up another of those if my budget could be over $40.

Lumintop SD Mini can be had for $30 with coupons
I just received the SD26 yesterday. Its the 26650 version. Neat compact lights.

Not the SD Mini II, with the stupid eyeball on the side. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dang, never seen that one before but i like it for myself as well lol!! I might consider the stupid eyeball though, be handy at work, although it needs to be recessed. I’d prolly destroy the side light in no time lol.

Great suggestion though, its on the radar for sure!

$39.96 with coupon 2017XMAS

Comes with 3400 mah battery, usb rechargeable, infinitely variable output.

I bought this a few weeks ago for $10 with coupon code 11SP31

Convoy Released a New Flashlight in December with USB Charging

more details here

These are great, now i’ve got a lot of comparing to do! Thanks Everyone!

Codes for the ZF1 seem to have expired. Want to get 4 for gifts. Looking at the Convoy S9 as well. Maybe too close to the holiday to see that deal again.

Lumintop edc25 right around 30$ at gearbest,because sooner or later you tear that rubber cover for the charging slot.

Check this thread from Trevi_lux fpr the F1 :

The SD Mini and the SD26 come with a spare USB cover.

On the other hand you may get the Zanflare F1 where moving the USB cover ring would be a pain because of oversized orings. I bought mine for a present but it’s not going to happen. It’s also surprisingly big, beam profile is not nice at all - it’s quite ringy, deep reflector means tight spill and … very moderate throw. My MH20 is much better in every way.

I second this one, it is a great light!
They are on flash sale right now at GB.

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