best 18650 torch with a default ~200 lumen mode?

I’m not really interested in 1000 lumen torches, maybe ok in large outdoor places but indoors they will just blind someone in most rooms, so I’m looking for a light that has a default of 200 lumens max, and then a lower mode. Also - no strobe!

What battery you plan on using ?

The Panasonic 3400mAh 18650

Convoy S2+ has a 3x 7135 driver and a wide selection of tints… I like the warmer tints for indoor use.

I have an S2+ with 3x7135. It puts out between 400 and 500 lumens. OP wanted half that maximum.

A 1x7135 might come in just under 200 lumens, a 2x71335 would probably be about 300 lumens. He can order either the 1x7135 or the 2x7135 as a custom set-up by directly contacting Simon at AliExpress. Not sure if the store is open, sign says it will re-open February 5th.

Agree on warm tints being more pleasing. I love the 4C tint of my Convoy S2+!

Note: I was going to modify my S2+ 3x7135 to a 1x7135, because I find the 3x7135 too bright for most of my tasks. However, I decided to pick up a green S2+ 1x7135, when Simon opens up his store again.