best bang for buck headlamp for fishing 50-90m?

Hi guys,

I’m new here, I only own a petzl tikka plus 2 that I bought a couple of years ago so I don’t know much about flashlights except what I read in the last couple of days because I need a bigger torch for my night fishing. I launch my bait usually in an area from 50 to 90m but if it’s possible I wouldn’t mind seeing further so after reading a bit I concluded that best bang for buck headlamp would be skilhunt H02 neutral white light 820lm for 27.59$ right now on gearbest. It seems skilhunt H02 is liked due to modding, I’m not gonna be able to mod for sure but I want it due to price per distance/lm that it says it provides in description.
What about endurance ? Is it true you can drop it from 1.5m without damage and put it in water without problems? I saw some review, that I can’t find the link right now, saying it’s a problem if you drop it you need to replace some part or repair.

I will also need 18650 batteries and a charger for them.

  1. From esyb E4 (bluetooth +) and Liitokala Lii 500 (this one shows correct battery capacity from what I understood with the nor test) which one would you choose ?
  2. For 18650 batteries the best ones would be Panasonic NCR18650B 3.7V 3400mAh 18650 Protected right ? What about ICR18650 - 28A 3.7V 18650 2800mAh Protected and ICR18650 - 26FM 3.7V 18650 2600mAh Samsung ? How many batteries should I buy for 2-4 nights ?

I know skilhunt H03 just launched but it’s too high price compared to 27.59$ for skilhunt H02 and even thought I’ve read the main review made by freeme (thank you freeme) I didn’t quite understand all the switch between modes and the memory part with L1/ L2, M1/ M2. H1/H2, T1/ T2.

I’m also thinking to buy for backup due to very low price the UKing ZQ - G008 800Lm Cree Q5 Waterproof EDC LED Flashlight because I could adjust focus for spot light or flood light but that’s only after I buy a main headlamp if I go for a 18650 batteries one.

Other options that I considered besides the skilhunt H02are:

  • might not be best distance for fishing: CRELANT CH10 CREE XM L2 460Lm Waterproof LED Headlamp - CREE XM L2 NEUTRAL WHITE LIGHT for 21$
  • most likely too heavy and overkill on distance and no neutral/warm light : Boruit LT - 069 5000Lm CREE T6 Bicycle LED Headlamp Pack - EU PLUG BLACK for $16.59 OR Boruit LT - 068 5000Lm CREE XML T6 Bicycle Light LED Headlamp Set - EU PLUG for $15.99 -I didn’t really understand the difference between these two from the reviews I read online.
  • no neutral/warm light and new means no in depth reviews about how good it is but better led from what I read here : Nitenumen H01 LED Headlamp - 930Lm Cree XPL V5 for $28.89

Please let me know if you have any other suggestions for a not too heavy, good, reliable fishing headlamp and if I picked right by choosing a tir lens instead of a reflector considering I need to launch my bait in an area from 50 to 90m and see the spot to be able to aim the launch the right way.

Thanks for the patience to read my wall of text!

I don’t know if you are beach, bank or boat fishing so this may seem a bit off…. Have you considered a thrower light like a C8, in a stick mount next to you? Then you can cast for the light spill….

Only reason I suggest this is you will get a bunch more throw than any headlamp that is somewhat affordable like the ones you listed. I like headlamps floody and only use them to 25-30 meters anyway. A C8 on a stick mount stuck in the sand, bank or gunwale will put some light way past 100m and then a headlamp like your Tikka will do for around the fishing site. Just a thought…

Of your list, the H02 is hard to beat for dollars to lumen value…

The crelant is a nice headlamp for the price, it’s my favorite out of too many :slight_smile:

Hey mate i love fishing! I always use my HC30 when fishing its great i only have it when i need to so battery doesn’t really bother me. Most light have a beacon mode if you need to be seen that will save a lot of battery. I also use glow sticks now when i am night fishing of the rocks it makes it easier. I have had my HC30 dropped and put it in water and its okay most light should be that are IPX rated!
I have a Liitokala lii 500 its a great charger i can recommend it but i have never used the other charger you said.
Seeing as you are using a stock light amperage shouldn’t matter a whole lot so i would go for the most MAH just as long as they can fit in the light. I usually have my headlamp on me and i will have a second torch like a C8 for a bit more distance depending on where i am fishing.

I do carp fishing on pond/lake and I launch from the shore so I have considered using the tikka as headlamp as it’s weight is just 85g with 3 aaa batteries which is easy to wear during the night and put a thrower on a stick. The problem is the tikka doesn’t have enough power as a headlamp when I get a catch to watch where the fish goes if it’s going for a bad area for me to lose it and I can’t really keep the stick light on all the time as there might be other fisheman on the pond and if the portion of the pond is small enough than I might even disturb the others on the other side with the stick light if it’s too powerfull.

I kinda wanna keep the tikka for backup as headlamp and get a main headlamp with better power/endurance and with as little weight as possible on my head and maybe than get a thrower on the stick if the headlamp doesn’t provide enough distance OR wide area cover and that’s why I mentioned UKing ZQ – G008 800Lm Cree Q5 with which I could adjust focus for spot light or flood light.
Which C8 model are you sugesting as a thrower stick, what’s price and weight and distance ?

Beachlogger -what’s the distance you can see the most ? It would be great if you had the H02 to compare headband comfort, weight, distance, durability.
In a way the CRELANT CH10 460Lm is more practical for fishing due to 2 modes with memory which I can set exactly the way I want if I understood correctly, one for launching bait and one for walking around the fishing site, just click click from one to the other but with just 460Lm on neutral light is it enough to launch in areas within 50-90m distance or even a bit more to look for fish activity ?

I love fishing too mate hehe, one of the best hobbies to relax :slight_smile:
HC30 looks really good, more compact and lighter than h02, kinda in the same price range with H03 now without any discount sales but it has only cool light, from my understanding it would be better with warm/neutral light to go for a fishing headlamp as it would be easier on my eyes and I do have sensibility on my eyes when it comes to darkness and light as I noticed when driving at night.

ESYB e4 just showed up and I like the bluetooth function cuz I can watch it on my phone and not go to the actual charger and keep checking on if the batteries have finished charging but the Liitokala lii 500 has a way to show me actual mAh capacity which is very important, I think. As for batteries I’ll go for NCR18650B 3.7V 3400mAh 18650 Protected than, thanks!
You guys seem to love your C8 and use it a lot, which model of C8 do you use, link please if you can ?

NITECORE HC50 CREE XM-L2 (T6) 760 Lumen Headlamp.

Get this one and you can call it a day and never have to look back or second guess your choice. I have a bunch of headlamps and this one rose to the top of the list hands down. My second choice for closer work is the ThruNite HC20.

My opinions of course, YMMV. :slight_smile:

But do at least check them out. :+1:

The UKingZQ for under $4 is, in my opinion, not likely worth that much.
Looks exactly like the “SkyWolfEye” much offered on eBay for $2-3. Thin metal, nothing special about it.

No slide-type zoom is going to be waterproof although they claim it is.

90m is extremely far for a headlamp if you want usable light. You need a large reflector for this distance.

Go with the H03 from skilhunt

Yes, trust the expert advice here, get yourself a flashlight you like, that’s it. Nothing further need happen.

… Where’s my tongue-in-cheek icon …

Amen, spoken by a true expert. :+1:
You get one YOU like, among all the suggestions & bs from me and everyone else; and all will be well… until you get the ‘itch’ again anyway. :wink:

Found ya’ one…….

:+1: … :wink:

Well, yes, but I got the feeling that he’s trying to operate within a budget and not make light collecting a hobby. :slight_smile: He just wants to fish and have light.

You might consider a mount that might be made to go onto a hardhat (on the side). Hey, it’ll be dark and no one will see, but if they do they’ll know it’s for the light. A C8 is hard to beat. It’s a solid light and not too big or heavy. You can also carry enough charged cells for a long run. You might need to have made or modify a mount for one. Google is your friend there and it could take some research. I’d check hunting and industrial sites.

Jaxman or aliexpress have quality C8s. Maybe others.

I went for the Skilhunt H03 (TIR lens) neutral white light in the end due to better cooling and more modes and a great GB which made price closer to Skilhunt H02 with coupon code.
As for the charger, I went for the Liitokala Lii 500 because of more reviews and better reported reliability in time, esyb E4 was too new even though it looks really good from the couple reviews I found on youtube.
Thank you for the input guys!