Best batteries for FT03 and EC01?

Best runtime and best output? Thanks

Not sure they are the all-time “best” but they can handle the output and offer good capacity:

FT 03: Golisi IMR 26650 ‘gold’ 4300mAh

There are 5500mAh 26650 available but are probably not well suited for turbo. PLB INR26650 55A for instance - which is under the wrap of a few brands i believe:

EC01: Samsung 21700 40T

The Samsung 21700 50T 5000mAh is a bit tight regarding current involved on turbo, but it would offer the best capacity.

The 5500 shockli/ vapcell are good for the SST40. You barely gain any output with a stronger cell. Can’t remember exactly but it was about 5% difference for me. For the XHP50.2 you gain about 30% by going for a high drain cell like the Golisi/Aspire 4300.

I plan on using a Shockli IMR 30A 26650 5500 mAh cell when I get my FT03, any day now.

Does the Astrolux FT03 have a light indicator on the button to show battery level (solid green, flashing green, red), I ordered a FT03, but I didn’t see any info on this when I researched the light.

No, the indicator only has two modes: green for standby/flashing green for button presses, and red for charging.

Three clicks from off will get the light to flash the battery level.


I am looking for a 26650 battery for the FT03 (that I plan to buy soon) too. I want to get the XHP50.2 version. I live in Europe, and I don’t seem to find Shockli batteries easily here.
I wonder if this one would be good for the XPH50.2 FT03: Keeppower IMR26650 5500mAh - 15A High Drain.
Does this flashlight need a higher drain battery than this? I also want a balance between output and runtime, but if a higher drain battery would make the flashlight 30% brighter in Turbo, then that is a big difference.

Thank you!

The Keeppower IMR26650 5500mAh – 15A
is the same cell as the Shockli.

So look above for performance comparison.

I only have the sst-40 version of this light so can’t say much about the xhp 50.2 variant.

that battery will be fine, the xhp50 draws around 10amps or something.

U can also use a efest 5000mah its rated for 18A or something…

Thank you Johm and mortuus.

Sorry for the noobish questions. I work with computers, but I don’t know a lot about electronics…what would be the advantage of using an 18A battery if the light only draws 10A or so? Besides the lower capacity, so lower runtime of the 18A battery.

It is not best practice to use batteries at their maximum amperage rating.

It stresses them, they give less capacity than max and also shortens their lifespan.

This 10A or so turbo though is not sustainable for very long due to heat so not such a big deal for this light.

Thank you Johm!
This answers my question very well.

Thanks guys. Seems can’t find the shockli 26650 5500mah in states. Also does the battery push the leds or will the light just draw whay it needs? I mean if I get a 45amp battery, but the light only needs 10 or 15amp, will the battery push it too hard or will the light just draw what’s needed? Thanks