best battery for the fw3a?

im about to order some but i want the best for runtime and output

The FW3A doesn't pull that many amps, so any of the quality unprotected flat top 3500mAh cells will be best.

More info here:

cool thank you

I have LG MJ1 flat tops in mine. The higher capacity is more useful than a brighter turbo that steps down in a millisecond anyway.

It's too bad GenuineCells doesn't sell batteries on eBay anymore.

I got a pretty good deal from them last year.

I am so glad you asked this!
Maybe it is just me, but my new copper edition seems to prefer Orbtronics hi drain over Samsung 30Q. Going back and forth between them, it seems to get brighter (and way hotter way faster) with the Orbtronics.
Either way, battery life actually seems very good. After getting it so hot that I can’t hold it, when I put the battery back on the charger it still reads like 4.13
So it is not a battery eater, but you can’t really use it on very bright for long unless you hold it in an oven mitt.

i use 35E in mine good choice.

Is it safe to try and use 2 CR123 batteries? I also just got an 18350 tube. Will a CR123 work in that? Just looking for back options in these crazy times.

No to 2 CR123, probbly yes to a CR123 in the 18350 tube but capacity isn’t as high. Don’t blame me if it blows up.

Copy that. Thanks for the input man. I will try one cr123 in the 18350 tube. And post back.

ive been using samsung 30q in mine

but i recently just aquired a lumintop 3500mAh protected ,that came inside the torch when i ordered it. that has a max amp draw of about 4.5Amps

i think im gonna start finding lower max draw batterys and use them, the samsungs seem to be over kill

Be careful! Protected batteries are NOT recommended, because they are too long!

william blake the clod and the pebble

I’m not how it’s been done but these are pretty much the same size

Sorry, I just wanted to pass the general info on this light.
But it seems that some batteries are more equal than others.

no need to be sorry henk

it looks like some protected are quite a bit longer then others

i think iwas super lucky that lumintop sent me a 18650 by accident inside my light,

i was reading that lumintop has badged it themselfs and its some other type of brand, i would love to find out what brand, but for 6 euros for a 3500mAh battery its not bad for fw3a
max draw is only 4.5Amps though , but its enough for these lights

i love your knowledge henk and you are so generous

it just won’t go to the higher outputs, or run all that long
though it may run longer than some inferior 18350s
you could also use a 16340 li ion in the cr123a tube - if you want the least run time ever!


Hey Wie, have you ever tried a CR123? Wanted to check in case so I don’t accidentally fry my light. It shouldn’t though right? Same power coming out right?

i’ve done it with a BLF A6
it is ok because the volts on CR123A are under 3.2
it will never fry
just don’t try 2 of them!
and of course 16340 is ok because it is same volts, 4.2 max, as 18650 and 18350, just less current and energy



Has anyone an actual recommendation for a battery fitting my FW3A? Must be 65mm or less in length.
A link would be nice! I am living in Germany, but I have no problem buying on Aliexpress, fasttech, kaidomain or Banggood or so.