Best budget thrower under $100

Hey all! Been a while since I have been on the forums and bit out of the loop with current lights.

Just wondering everyone’s opinions on the best budget thrower sub $100. Either 18650 or 26650 cells.

Thanks guys!

Emisar D1S about $35.00

Wait for the D1Sv2 :wink:

This or an equivalent from another modder.

The Nightwatch NI10L IRAlite Osram white flat.

Possibly the current “pound-for-pound” throwing champ out of the box for its size.

The Skylumen Matmico what is a White2 6500K?

Osram KW CSLPM1.TG. Here it’s sometimes called 2mm² White Flat.

Also please note that this Mateminco is better known as Astrolux FT03.

FT03 is good, impressed with it especially for the price.

I really like this light.

With coupon code, 645e3e price drops down to $48.00 + about $1.30 shipping.
Throws pretty far, but it also has very good/bright spill.
I have the Neutral White version.
Here’s a review on the Cool White.

Yep. Have one and it’s decent to about 500 yards.