Best buy/ price for thrunite TN32 for europe?

I’m not rushing, but consider buying a … TN32 or get something different / better advised of its kind?
I buy this europe I must take into account input costs.
where best to buy?

Nice light and pretty hard to beat unless you go with a modded one and maybe not even then. For a pure thrower it’s a beast for sure.

You might want to check out e-bay. Thrunite has a shop on e-bay it’s it’s actually cheaper than their own website. They did have it listed cheaper anyway but now I see it’s the same price but with best offer.

Maybe ?

I see you are located in the Benelux. So you might wanna try:
21% VAT included.

Though currently out of stock (I bought the last one), you can ask them to send an email when they are re-supplied. Nice people, quick response on mails, good prices.

ja ook al gezien :heart_eyes: maar ik heb de tijd ,de dagen worden langer.