Best compact step-up module?

I am considering this module for a project but wondered if anyone knew of a better module to suit lower current applications (1A max instead of 4A)? It needs to be fairly small (this is 4.1 x 2.1 x 1.3cm) and still work at lower input voltage (say 3-6V, to provide 7.5-9V).

Pololu seem to have a nice range of modules but I'd prefer something more budget friendly.

I got 2 of these a while back…they work well, used those .36 volt display, voltage and current adjustment\_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649

I just got 2 of these in, voltage AND current control, and has built in displays but are a bit larger

These are much smaller
From fasttech for $2.50

Here is another one

Oh you want a boost…wait one
2A mini (DC-DC 3V to 5-9V 2A Boost DIY Mobile Phone Power Supply Module)

1A mini (DC-DC 3V to 5-9V 1A Boost DIY Mobile Phone Power Supply Module)

Thank you! This one looks perfect but it’s step down?

I have the last one from FT with red PCB but it puts out 5V max; the trim pot is just fine adjustment, which makes me hesistant to try the other one labelled for up to 9V It’s fine, I was being too gentle with the pot. >.<