Best Flood-to-Throw flashlight (aspherical lens)


Just wanna ask you if you're kind enough to tell me your favourite Flood-to-Throw with aspherical lens powered by one 18650.

A co-worker asked me to order one after I gifted him a Sipik SK68.

At the moment, I've got two options on my head:

- MXDL SA-28

- 109 power style (not the best internal design for thermal issues, but love the look, and has a work-useful clip)

Many thanks in advance!

Be careful using the word "gifted" because someone around here will get their panties in a bunch.:D


My english isn't good at all.

I tried to say that I give him this SK68 as a present/gift after he made me a custom heatsink for a mag2C...

Thanks for pointing, fishinfool

So "presenteded" is better? ;-)

Bad English is world language NO1.

ROMISEN RC-C8 Very nice, screw/unscrew (i prefer push/pull) to change from FTT. It uses a 18650 or 2x16340 or 3xAAA. I think it is the flooder (while on flood) from all my FTT lights. Lives on my office desk.

MXDL SA-28 3 mode Q5 Nice, not so good quality as the Romisen and not so floody on flood. Push/pull and uses 18650 or 3xAAA.

EDI-T P4 Cree Q3-WC Nice for EDC if you are prepared for a 18650 EDC. Push/pull and it was $12 when I ordered it...

I meant it as a joke because I got criticized for using the same word a few days ago. Wink

@fishinfool: You see? My english is so bad that I didn't catch the jokes :(

@Aleister: That RC-C8 looks really nice and well made...

Your english is actually pretty darn good UPz.

They have a nice build . they are pretty bright too and have a nice lower low . I have the 16340 version and it's fun to have a little flood to throw.. The 18650 versions are supposedly available at deal to the world or other vendors for 12.20 $ but bno one has gotten them yet and it might be a mirror site to DX and they just haven't updated prices yet .. they may just take your money forever and put you on hold for a couple months ,before simply saying .. ooops sorry we can't get that .., none of these are ever perfect except my old c 78 ?? p4 ? X2000 ????.. i do own one very nice tint and perfect beam flood to throwzero rings ,super nice tail switch but i'ts not very bright and its a 3 AAA. My first cree light

Hi UPz, don't worry about your English, we have quite a nice mix of languages and accents on this site, which makes it all the more fun. :) You even know how to say "catch the joke", which is a phrase that only good English speakers know. (A proposito ¿como suelen decir eso en españa? Aquí dicen "No me percaté de la broma". Pero mas conmunmente dicen "Ya te caché", lo cual es un dicho limpio aquí pero no tanto así en otros paises vecinos.)

I personally very much like the Sipik SK58 (1xAA) for its attractive styling, dirt cheap price, and high build quality. But it doesn't have any modes except on and off. :)

If I owned 18650 batteries, my first purchase would be: The Tank007 TK-737 is an extremely attractive light with rotating focus and multiple modes. With Tank007 quality.

Here, a common expression is No lo pillo (I don't get it), but sure its coloquial language. Being more correct, it will be the same "No me dí cuenta" or similar. Thank you for you undestanding. I didn't studied more than 2 years of english at school when I was 12-14. Most of my "english skills" are thanks to work with sub-saharians who didn't speak spanish at all. And a big part thanks to internet. BTW, from where are you?

Back on topic, I know the sipik is a nice and cheap light, I own two (grey and black).

The matter is, after giving a sipik as a gift to a mechanic workmate who mechanized for me a custom heatsink for a mag mod, he was so impressed and asked me to order a 18650 FTT light for custom modify it with bigger lens and new emmiter.

Finally, I ordered a MDXL SA-28 from KD. I also ordered a 44 aspherical lens from KD too, and we're going to mechanize a full new head (circa 50mm diameter!) for this lens. We have all kind of machine for this sort of work at the factory... and night shift is perfect for this issues.

About the emmiter, I'm still not sure if we're going to make it XM-L for more floody, or XR-E R2 for better trhow. We'll decide when we see how it trhows with the new and bigger glass lens.

Will keep this updated if you're interested...

thanks again, saludos!

I'm interested seeing how you could mange it with XM-L even if you drive it at lower curent. Have had few SA-28 (KD version left me just this day), now I have just one.

AFAIK, Match's last mod is based on one of those FTT light, or am I wrong? I really want to know if XML will be better than Q5 or R2 or not

Did you have a link to see that mod?

The flashlight and the lens were posted yesterday and didn't left hong kong yet. I need it to draw the "blueprints" of the new head with correct diameters... focal leght is the more problamic part (it will be longer than stock lens) but the idea is on my head and there it looks easy.

About the XML or XR-E R2 question, we're still undecided. XML's bigger die will make a better flood, but a larger square at trhow... R2's smaller die (ez900) will make a smaller and condensated light that will trhow far, but flood can be dimmer...

The main part on this decision is on the lens angle. I've got some "recycled" old lens from photosensors (I don't know if this is the correct word for this... it's a laser sensor with a aspherical and a reflective surface on the other part of the machine, for photo-barriers) and depending on the angle, the square at full zoom can be smaller. If this lens canmake a XML die proyection smaller and more condensated, it will be the deal.

Thanks for sharing!

Can somebody advise which I should buy?

a) X2000

b) 320 lumens zoomable from Ultraok

c) 800 lumens zoomable


800 lumens out of a Q5-definitely. *Sarcasm*

I'm going to say a shiningbeam romnison.

I am interested in this yezl light at CNquality goods. Does anyone have information on it? It could be a good option for you.

whoops, i forgot the link lol:

And yes, you're right: better flood and bigger hotspot (hotsquare :bigsmile: ) We'll need a good lens that suits to XML bin, unless you want a bigger square with slightly less lux.

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I have one of those. It was fun for the brief time it worked. Now it takes 7+amps from an 18650 and emits distressing smells but no light. I'd avoid that one.

Aloha and welcome to BLF Travelmate!