Best Flood-to-Throw flashlight (aspherical lens)

Ok, thanks. I'll avoid this

i think it's a very smart move ... who doesn't like flood to throws .. they also have the tank 737 which is pretty hard to find

I'm a fan of the EDI-T

lights and they have tons of flood to throws .. i think they were all over lightake or kd last I looked lighttake I'd be careful of

Ive had 2 x2000s in 18650. the newer one i bought i had maybe 2 weeks and was using it on high in a crawl space. i dropped it and it wouldnt come on. after further looking noticed that the led die fell off the star. guess got too hot and the jolt knocked it off. the older one i got seems to be getting dimmer when focused.

i just purchased an mte m2 with the xpg r5 from gregmcgeeengineering. its really bright and the sliding action is much better than the x2000. sadly i dropped it and looks like the switch broke and the spring came off of the pcb. im mailing in the switch/spring and he's going to fix/replace the it. i wish these manufacturers would come up with some kind of threading standards so i can fit the x2000 tailcap to the M2.

UPz, any updates? I am very interested! I 50mm flood to throw in a relatively compact package is my dream light, I must have it....


Past monday I got the flashlight and the lens.

I'm working with meassurements, becouse this new bigger glass lens (42mm) has a different focal leght.

Also, I'm looking for the stock aluminium bar, as the only one I have available is 150mm diammeter, too much extra work.

We've got problemas at the factory, and I'm only able to do my own things on night shift. So this proyect is going on, but slowly.

Will keep the post updated

Got the 320 lm zoomable from Ultraok but finds the light inadequate so sold it off the next day.

Now, waiting for the arrival of 870 lm zoomable from Taobao

I've been looking for a while for something as good as or better than my Romisen RC-C6 II WW ( -- that's a single CR123/RCR123 cell light. Nothing else I've seen has as smooth a wide floodlight area.

This is a new item on DX so I don't know much about it and you won't find any reviews on it. I don't think it's exactly what you are looking for, by that I mean it can't be the best at that price but it's an affordable flood to throw that takes either 1x18650 or 3xAAA.

Doesn't matter. I want one, gift me one pls.

I'm waiting on this one

What about these focusable/zoomable flashlights? They are quite cheap and they have XM-L or XR-E emitters. The XM-L's maybe enough strong (1000 lumen).

UltraFire T8 Cree XM-L T6 3-Mode Flood-to-Throw Optics
TrustFire - Z5 Flood-to-Throw T6 LED 1000Lumen
UltraFire - Flood-to- Throwing Zooming Cree Q5
SIPIK SK68 Flood-to-Throw Zooming Cree Q4 Convex Lens

The first one got quite big lens, maybe it's not too bad and throws far. Any opinions about them?

For me if I want to buy flood-to-throw flashlight I would just skip the XM-L type (i.e. Trustfire Z5), because those FTT flashlights with such small lens will dissapoint you in throw performance. XR-E will throw much better than XM-L in those small aspheric lens. Not saying that XM-L cannot work with aspheric lens but it needs bigger lens to perform well (due to XM-L surface brightness and light emission angle...etc).

Of course, when it is adjusted to flood, XM-L produces very wide and bright spill. But the point is who will buy a FTT flashlight and ONLY to use the flood function? :D