Best High Capacity 21700

So we all know who makes the best 4000/4200 mAh 21700, but what about over 4200 mAh? Who makes the best 5000 mAh 15-20 amp CDR 21700?

I’m looking at Shockli 4550 mAh currently since the Samsung 50G and 50S are AWOL, amd forget about the Vapcell T50 becoming available anytime soon. Anyone used those Shockli?

There are a bunch of 5000mah out there but as you know capacity comes at the cost of drain.

True. I know you really can’t ask a 5 Ah cell to realistically give 15-20 amps, but for currently available cells, which one is the best?

I bought four Samsung 50Es for an Xtar PBS2 power bank.

I went with capacity over current handling.


Samsung INR21700-50S I would look in their direction …

If you’re not looking for super high-drain applications, the Sofirn 5000 mAh is pretty decent. There’s a test from HKJ here and another test here. It’s reported to be a Lishen LR2170SD rewrap, which may be available at other places.

Yes, the Lishen LR2170SD is excellent, although the positive terminal caves much easier than a Samsung.

They are available also from the 18650batterystore.

I was going to mention 18650BatteryStore but they seem to be sold out at the moment. Only $5 though.

Molicel m50a is a solid choice too.

I have some Tesla 21700s on the way from Advertised as 5000mah 15A continuous discharge, identical to 50G, hard to beat that IF (big if) it measures up.

Datasheet I found was 10A, this cell is also advertised at 15A, but 15A felt too much.

See below at my load test at 5 and 10A of the Lishen LR2170SD (black), Tesla (red), 50E (blue). Ignore the red circle, had clicked there while saving the image.

Dips lower since it has higher resistance. These Tesla’s are from Tesla modules so they aren’t new, none of them are.

Nice. I think those are the Sanyo ncr21700b right? Indeed, they are rated at 15 A CDR, but will be happiest under that.

That Lishen cell is in n a lot of wrappers I reckon. Seems to have good performance for the price though. It’s seems like 10-15 A is the max for 5000 mah. The Sofirn, M50A, and Samsung 50G or Vapcell G50 are on the list…

Wasn’t sure what they are, but Mooch tested them here

I agree, Sofirn's 21700 5000mAh battery (rewrapped Lishen LR2170SD) is a very decent choice for a high capacity battery. As long as you do not need insane power (e.g. any SBT90.2 flashlight) you should be fine with that battery. As an alternative, I use Sanyo/Panasonic NCR21700A ("Tesla battery"), Samsung 50E and Samsung 50G with more or less comparable results in terms of capacity. If you need the best of both worlds, try to get Samsung's 50S (or Vapcell T50). Unfortunately, it is sold out and it does not seem to become available again anytime soon.

By the way, NKON still has some very decent prices for 21700 batteries. Maybe an interesting option for members from the EU...

Thanks! I found some Vapcell G50’s on AE, but Samsung 50S are nowhere to be found. Unfortunately I’m in the US and Nkon doesn’t ship here. sells 50G’s rewrapped as their in house Epoch brand.

I bought three, and all the cans underneath are stamped 50G.

#1) Vapcell T50 = Samsung 50S
#2) Vapcell G50 = Samsung 50G = Epoch 21700
#3) Tesla 21700
#4) Molicell M50A
#5) Samsung 50E2/3

Is this the correct order of performance/rewraps?

Subbed to this thread I bought a copper Lumintop fw21 x9l which has sbt90.2 6500lm that requires a 30A cell. I have some Samsung 50E’s in the mail for other lights & I think they are 15/25A 15A cobtinuous. I’m looking for 30A with the most mAh.

50E is maybe 10A at the upper limit (read:safe). For the highest capacity and power-handling you want like a P42A or if you can find it 40T. F9r all out power, 30T.