Best host for modding

I'm buying a flashlight for a friend that works as a security guard. I have decided that he prefers warm tinted lights and therefore the light needs to be easy to mod with a different emitter and different driver since I'm planing to use the NANJG 2800mA driver. The good thing with this driver is the group with 2 modes since they are well spaced for use as a security guard.

I'm thinking that a flashlight of UltraFire C8 size would be perfect both in size and beam profile but which of all the similar sized flashlights out there would be the best to mod? The TrustFire TE-R2 looks to be a good option with it using the P60 style drop-in and good sized reflector. A bit on the expensive side though since I'm only going to use the body of the flashlight.

I would prefer that the light used an emitter with a 20mm star since that's what sells their warm XM-L:s at.

Thoughts and ideas?

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I use for the same Project this its cheap and the Host is really good but can only use 16 mm leds

but you can try the Knipex-solution .

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you can use this

or if you insist on c8 -the price doesn't include shipping

c2 has a little wider spill and hotspot and i haven't found smo reflector for it, but it has very nice beam

also you would have to replace a spring on the driver with a blob of solder and make the spring in the tailcap little bit shorter to fit long protected acu

neither one will accept 20mm star i think though so you would have to make the star smaller or flatten the pill and drill new holes for the cables

Thanks mates, some really good and cheap options there.

At the moment I'm leaning against the C8 at CN Quality Goods since they have an 16mm XM-L at 5000K for a reasonable price. Something to think about...

Thanks for the help so far.