Best International Shipping Method from China

Is there a difference with shipping speed to USA from China via Swiss Post, Singapore Post, Sweden Post, EMS (EUB), EMS, POS, or DHL?

Can't speak for shipping to the US, but to Australia DHL is fantastic. 5 days most times. China post average 14 - 17 days. Sing post slow, Sweden post slow.

It depends on what is shipping, for batteries and hazardous materials (vaping juices) Hong Kong Post sometimes kicks it back, sweden post takes forever, Singapore Post a very very long time too

I usually go with USPS e-packet (fasttech) and it’s pretty quick

if you absolutely positively gotta have it FAST (like a week) but want to pay thru the nose…DHL

What company are you shipping from

DHL is like lightning for me.$$$$ thou.

I am more concerned about who can handle the li-ion battery shipping.

I just ordered a large quantity of 18650 cells and they came via DHL in approximately 8 business days from China to the US. There were all kinds of crazy certification forms and the package arrived in excellent shape.

For small orders I’ve had good luck with the “e-packet” program, but with the recent restrictions in China regarding international shipment of Lithium-ion batteries, DHL may be your best bet. Not sure about international UPS/Fedex.

DHL is probably the best method. You get what you pay for. Any regular air mail is usually sporadic and unregistered is kind of like throwing your money into the sea.

Ordering 4 pieces of 18650 with DHL shipping will be expensive as hell. :frowning: