Best Light for Me

You will not be disappointed with the Convoy. The S21A is a good light, or the M21A with W2. Both under $40 and will be very reliable.

Except for the battery size, LUMINTOP GT MICRO OSRAM KW CSLNM1.1 809M 14500 THROW EDC FLASHLIGHT would fit the bill pretty good. It is sold out everywhere though, unless you get the brass or copper edition. 809 meters of throw from a light that will fit in your shirt pocket, but I dont think it has a clip, and it uses the 14500 battery. Even the GT nano has 350 meters of throw and it is a keychain light. If you can find the aluminum version of the micro, both could be had for under 100 combined. Even the non osram version of the GT micro throws 1000 lumens 400 meters.

The Astrolux FT03 SST-40W throws like 2400 lumens 875 meters, and it is about 40 bucks…For a thrower with those specs, that is the most meters and lumens per dollar spent I know of. I liked it so much I bought 5 of them.

The GT Nano is tempting me with its small size. :+1: But I have 18650 batteries…lots of them. I forgot an important part of my requirement is the size. It has to be pocketable. The Astrolux Ft03 looks sort of too big.

The Acebeam L17 is a great thrower and its very good quality. It has an optic imstead of a reflector so there’s more throw than spill, and takes 18650. I reviewed this light and found it doesn’t like flat top unprotected cells, so kewp that in mind. It does throw almost 700 m though.

Yep, the Acebeam is out then. I have unprotected flat tops. Thanks 1 million candlepower for that save. :star:

I have the GT Nano. It’s a toy.

I agree…I like the GT micro with the osram led better. The GT nano is a fun toy though. To see that much light from such an extremely tiny light is fun for the 10 minutes the battery lasts. The charging methods are a bit limited and a pain as well. It does impress though, but so does that micro with much less trouble and reasonable run time from a 14500. I have 1 aluminum version before they sold out everywhere. I do have one of the brass versions and 1 more in transit, but that brass adds a lot of weight. I want at least 1 more of the micro with the aluminum body and osram led, but they show as sold out everywhere. I would have bought at least 2 from the start if I had any idea how much I would like it. I had no idea they would be so hard to find later.

Yeah, the fact you can’t buy any of the micros right now is why the GT Nano looks decent to get. It would still be useful to carry in a ways to light up a few things. Are the batteries for the nano hard to come by?

Not to beat up on it, but the nano only has turbo for like 3¼ sec.

Watch the Flasholic’s review of it.

Ah man, ok. I watched the Lumeniac review & another BLF guy I forget. Haven’t watched the Flasholic one yet. (Clicks search on YouTube)

Ok, yep. Not all that useful. It can’t light far enough. Even the turbo might not quite be enough.

What about the GT Mini or Mini Pro?

Got a coupla ’minis, and that’s my portable “wtf’s making that noise out there?” light. Nice thin tight beam, good runtime. Momentary mode is awesome for exactly that.

GT Mini vs Convoy M21a vs S2+ for throw @ 100m? The S11 with the sst40 is probably too floody. I need a beam so as not to blind myself with the close spill. But I think I’ve narrowed it down to these. Unless I need a Sofirn something or other since I’ll probably get Q8 or SP36 too.


The ’mini would be more like a C8 or P30, nice and throwy.

M21A (CSLPM1/6A driver) will leave the GT (NM1) in its dust, and if 100m is your benchmark, the advantage still goes to the slightly wider hotspot of the M21A. It however does not tick the pocket clip box, and is 21700. I just got the M2 (CSLNM1.TG/6A driver), and it pretty much covers all the bases in your the OP. It is AWESOME. I got an amazing sample. Emitter is perfectly centered (best of all my Osram lights), machining and ano is flawless. Even with its small head size, it keeps up very closely with my GT mini. Little bigger spot from this NM1 than my others. I see Simon is now offering it in CULPM1.TG/ 5A driver. I’ll be ordering that today fo sho. How can you beat Convoy for quality and value? Your OP’s budget allows for 4 or 5 of these lights. If they were mfg in the states, you’d be burning your whole wad on just one.

Idk, I have no Convoy lights yet, no Sofirn, not many working flashlights. I have a few headlamps, half are mostly dead.

Maglite 3D (no bulb) tube has some corrosion.
Flashlight 2AA with bad switch (so old it has Luxeon rebel something LED)
Missing parts 1980’s Tekna Lites
10+ corroded/dead headlamps
4 dead plastic bike lights
Dead Pelican dive lite
Princeton Tec Amp sort of ok, just 10 lumen.

I’m not the OP, I don’t really have a budget…just need a few good lights.

Only need maybe 4 lights:
Thrower/search flashlight, pocketable & 50-100m usable throw.
Flashlight to hold the highest lumen flood beam (chose Convoy S11 quickly on impulse buy)
Lightweight headlamp for night hiking that can last many hours & has some range on turbo.
Super light & small keychain size light for 5hrs emergency use in case the headlamp dies.

I don’t think the OP has posted again. Probably found one or is just enjoying reading the discussion.

Oye :person_facepalming: …I’ll have to remind myself that reading really is fundamental sometimes. HA!!! My bad.

Good luck in your search.

Oye :person_facepalming: …I’ll have to remind myself that reading really is fundamental sometimes. HA!!! My bad.

Good luck in your search.

Thanks, I hope I can find a decent thrower before accumulation of another pile of dead flashlights appears. I’m getting along fairly decently with my Zebralights, but everything else is dead or dying. Thanks for the suggestions anyway. :+1:

My budget (if there is one) allows for 10+ Convoys. I’m just searching for the best flashlight to fit my needs.

Does the Nightwatch N140 Stalker with SBT90.2 make more sense than the Convoy M21C? I’ve decided Andúril types are a must because I want BLF flashlight instead of generic. :nerd_face:

Sorry for the late reply I got a KR1 with a CSLNM1 and I love it.

Thanks for all your help.