Best Light I've Seen In ... Well ... EVER!

Off-Topic and off the wall.

Imagine this on a bicycle helmet, or a dog leash & harness:

Wow. I mean, just wow!

Mmmm....can you eat it? It looks like yummy licorice gummy strips.

Each color looks like 2 strands of normal EL wire twisted around each other, then illuminated alternately. They’re cheap and easy to get, but I haven’t seen any in this configuration.


I’m thinking of gluing some under the rub-rails of our boat, red on the Red side, green on the Green side, and a plain White one across the entire transom.

Not USCG approved, but it should keep us safer than the wee bulbs USCG does approve.

Apparently they can be driven by a 2*AA battery pack. (I’d use the 12v, of course)

Ebay link please !

Click on the picture it is a portal to the eBay site

Thanks, now I need a use for this stuff.
Xmas decorations maybe.

I can imagine you riding your bike with these as rim stickers. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love how the members here think. :+1:

1. See cool new light.
2. Order cool new light.
3. Figure out a use for cool new light before it arrives.