Best lights for dimming

I am at the stage of lighting my room. I enjoy lighting dimmed to the equivalent of an old 6-watt candle, up to work and cleaning lights.

I hate the noise, I think I can hear this Lol better, and with that in mind what is the quietest dimmable light bulb.

My budget could be $200 for a dimmer and foe new lamp like such types - bestlightguide, and four lamps at the top of the vaulted ceiling, the vaulted line goes from the front to the rear, the peak is 18 inches above the 8 inch dot of the side walls. The room is painted dark brown, I heard that some bulbs respond to different colors of color, I’m not sure if it matters, or if it is true.

Edison bulbs are probably the coolest light I’ve ever seen, there’s too much to choose from just by throwing it there.

Is it also a dimmer issue inregards to buzzing and noisy lights or is it always the bulb

I’m hesitating between these dimmable bulbs for my bedroom:

Great Eagle A19
Philips Hue LED B22
Ascher Dimmable E26

As for the dimmer switches: has anyone tried Lutron Diva LED+ Dimmer Switch?