Best Men's Wallet Ever?

Because the material keeps it secure and the non-solid structure doesn’t allow it to bounce out like the hard plastic ones do. Plus, officers always ask to hand them the license, never to show it in the wallet. That’s true anywhere.

“Because the material keeps it secure and the non-solid structure doesn’t allow it to bounce out like the hard plastic ones do. Plus, officers always ask to hand them the license, never to show it in the wallet. That’s true anywhere.”

Ok so cards don’t fall out. Good.

I have to show my Costco Card so much that I’d have to whip it out ad nauseum. A lot of unzipping, pulling out cards, zipping up again, fumbling about.

Besides it kinda reminds me of a little old lady digging coins out of her dinky snap pouch dealie. :person_facepalming:

IDK, man. I don’t think this thing rocks for guys ya know? I sure as hell wouldn’t flash it around certain Harley crowds. Unless it had a big as* chain attached to it. :open_mouth:

Right now I only just show one third of the Costco Card sticking out of my trifold slot and they still let me in.

I’d consider your wallet if it had at least one clear window on the outside butt then with
all the pocket rubbing going on that clear flexible window would likely be toast pretty dam quickly.

Butt that’s just me. For sum tho’ just might be the best wallet out there.

Just try it. The cards are secured nicely.

I have the Spec Ops T.H.E. Wallet Jr. I’ve had it for years and love it. Plenty of card slots and room for cash. The “shark-bite” closure keeps everything secure. After maybe 5 years, it shows almost no wear. I spent a long time shopping before deciding on this wallet to replace my old one. It is a real good choice IMO.

Thanks Rusty Joe, but one of my requirements for a wallet is that it fits comfortably in my pocket. :smiley:

My current wallet is the DAX: Allocacoc - a different standard.

I replaced my first one after several years because the microfibre was looking a bit shabby but you can get them in other materials.

I carry mine in right side pocket. No issues.

That one looks a little thick for me. I carry one of those oddly shaped front pocket wallets and like it best. A pick will have to face me to try and take it. Plus, the bulk of a back pocket wallet while sitting messes up my posture and long ago caused pain. I suppose I could put something of equal bulk in the other back pocket to even things out, but I don’t like carrying things in back pockets so there’s that.

I like Big Skinny wallets.

The model that I like holds a bunch of cards, and is very thin.

I haven't been able to find any other brand that's even close to as good as Big Skinny.

Big Skinny is kinda pricey, but sometimes they can be found relatively cheap on eBay.

Rusty Joe - can’t get yours in Australia but AliE has something similar -

Great discussion, thank you all for bringing it up. I’ve been suffering with an expensive leather trifold my wonderful wife bought me for years. It seems, at times, to be as thick as it is wide. The huge bulge in my front pants pocket where I keep the thing would be more attractive if it wasn’t a square shape.

Thats why I find the Allett original design intriguing. Interesting that if you buy it direct you pay shipping whereas if you get it off Amazon it’s free shipping. Love this: “MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE
If you don’t love your Allett, return it to us for free in the first 30-days for an immediate full refund.”

The issue with the smaller designs, such as clips and such, is that you can’t fit what you want in them. I’m sure the Allett is top-game, but I can’t help but listen to complaints about size and not being able to pull out cards when needed—exactly what you never struggle with with mine. I do understand going minimalist and not wanting to carry much of anything. It’s just not doable for me.

Here's my wallet, but Big Skinny has plenty of other models available...

Big Skinny World Bifold

My vote for EDC and travel. I added a slim stylus/pen into the crease and been happy for ~10 years.

Allett Leather Original wallet, can high capacity equal thinness!?? - YouTube This guy just reviews wallets, probably over a hundred on his channel. Allett Leather Original.
This couple has actually used it.Allett Original Nylon Slim Lightweight Wallet with RFID Protection Video Review - YouTube

I like a traditional wallet. All of them have tradeoffs. You have to ask yourself, what do you take out of your wallet the most often? The wallet RJ shows makes you have to unzipper it for each and every item. Not ideal. Yes my driver license does stick but I almost never have to remove it. As for cc’s, I only have two and they work well for the traditional wallet.

The worst thing is losing your wallet, the thing stuffed with papers, cards, identification, membership, money, etc… SO much can be lost in one fell swoop.

When I was in my late 30’s, I started to have a lower back ache, due to the fact that my wallet was too thick. And that’s when I realized it was time to break things up. Now I carry a “credit card wallet,” something small enough to not be obtrusive, but wide enough to hold a couple of credit cards (usually my ATM debit card is left home, but sometimes I carry it when called for), driver’s license, medical insurance card, and a few miscellaneous things. Only one folded up $20, as emergency cash. Then in my front left pocket, I keep a money clip that holds my mini wad of cash. Since so much is paid for via credit/electronic, it’s easy to get by with a few bills for tips, small items, etc., without needing a stack.


The title of this thread was something like "The Best Men's Wallet Ever! Period! End of Story!"

Now it's "Best Men's Wallet Ever?"

I’ve been using one of these for a few months now. Pretty impressed by it. Wallettopia on yt has a review. XSTO Wallet – AKEENi

Do you want to see the WORST wallet ever ?

It’s just two blocks of aluminium/titanium or some other metal that are held together by elastic strap.
The “geniuses” behind this idea are throwing money like crazy in propaganda. You see it everywhere on youtube, lots of paid shills are trying to sell it.
Obviously I had to get a clone from China to see what the fuss is about, and it turns out it’s pretty much the worst idea for a wallet ever.
The strap makes it so tight that it’s a pain in the ass to take a card out of it.

I changed it because of the matching strong opinions here. And some don’t always find my tongue-in-cheek dogmatism cute or funny. I figured, why not just change the title now that a discussion is going. I really appreciate the feedback, truth be told.