Best MH20GT price? Or alternatives?

I really want a mh20gt but the price is a bit high. I had the nitenumen knock off of the mh20 and liked the size but the user interface was awful.

So can someone point me to where I can get the mh20gt cheapest or suggest alternatives with a similar look and size? Manker U11?

Thank you

There are discount codes that can lower the MH20GT to about $60.


You can wait for a code for the new MH23 which is the newer version with XHP35 emitter.

Manker U11 is a great performer but the UI does not appeal to all people, myself included.

For about the same price but a bit larger in size you can get an extremely bright 26650 light with USB charging, like the thrunite TC20. But this is a flooder.

And if you don’t want all the fancy features like active temperature regulation, battery life LED indicator and usb charging, there is the Emisar D1.

The alternative can be Lumintop SDMini. I have and recommend. Very similar flashlight to MH20GT. Price 28 $.

Where can I buy it for that price?

Fitorch P30R XP-L2 1180 lm With a code P30R should also fit your budget, just a few dollars more than the SDMini.



Thanks komeko, ordered the SD Mini. Similar to the Sunwayman C23C whick is one of my favorite lights.

Good decision, you’ll be pleased :slight_smile: