Best multi purpose light for $50? If you could only have one light, which would you choose and why?

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My romisen rc-t7, it produces a good amount of light with 2*18650 cells and is mop reflector so it will throw a little and flood a little, thus an all round light. But still far from the perfect all round light

As a general purpose light, I’d vouch for my new Ultrafire UF-H6. It’s pretty much a zebralight and has a really good UI. It comes with a really comfortable headstrap, and you can also stand it upright and shoot light out at a 90 degree angle.

The strobe mode is hidden (double click), and you can save which output you want it to first turn on (since it’s an electronic switch).

click once for 3, then 15, then 50, then a 100 (3 amp) turbo (which goes back down to 50% after 60 seconds).

The only bad thing about this is, like my STL-V2 it’s a soft battery crusher. It put a massive dent in the negative end on my Panasonic NCR18650As, so I have to use my trustfire 2400 flames for it.

Costed me $37 and although it won’t blow you away in terms of throw, it’s the light I’d turn to if I want to get the job done.

I ordered a Sunwayman C20C from DinoDirect yesterday for $53 after 10% code CP10.

Maybe not all the power you want at 450 lumens at turbo mode,but a really high quality compact 18650 EDC with nice ui.

UltraFire UF-980L from Manafont. $43 of quality 3 mode lumen blazing goodness. Compact and powerful. One of the best budget lights out there period. Small enough to EDC, punches well above it’s weight. Quality. Foylikesittoo.

The ability to use either a single 26650 or a single 18650 for power +
single U2 for efficiency +
a decent driver +
reasonable size =

something like a Keygos M10 , or an Ultrafire UF2200 , or a Shadow JM07 (change the T6).

Fenix E25 2xAA (about $35) with diffuser (about $3).

You get good throw for a 2xAA light, total flood with the diffuser, easily replaceable AA batteries, excellent fit/finish and reliability, and truthfully the high of 187 lumens is way more than 99% of us really need.

And besides, I’d still have $12 leftover for beer. :stuck_out_tongue:

All those large 18650 lights are cool but the light I use the most and need the most is my $20 Pelican 1920 penlight. I could do without all my other lights but not having a good EDC for work would really be a hassle.

If I had only one light to buy at this price point, Id make sure it had

  • a sub lumen mode (moonlight/firefly)

- a good deal of lumens on the high mode.

- Tailstanding is a must for a jack of all trades. (I dont like head lamps)

- I would prefer more flood than throw. A jack of all trades is more useful when more floody imho.

- Should be easily carried (jack of all trades remember)

- Should be current regulated

That said, AAA seems a bit low on high output, so I would say 1xAA or 1X18650.
But which specific model, this I would have to do some research :smiley:

I guess if I had to have one light it would be my XP-G S-mini. I EDC this light every day and it has always done what I need from a flashlight. Great runtime, three modes w/out flashies, and it tailstands perfectly.With the included clip it carries well in my left pocket and cost well under 50$!-Rick

I'm up to about 35 or so lights now, so I'm still a relative noobie. While I have many lights I love or like a lot, some are good at one thing or another or just look nice, but the one with the best beam is the Shadow JM07. Perfect combination of flood & throw, good quality, CW or NW tint, runs on 26650 for a loooooong time or can be used with 18650. If you want it blinged up a little, go for the sideswitch version with the SS bezel. There's even a two-cell version available with an extender tube for crazy long run time.

1 light which is good for multiple purposes?

i dunno about that

A Caveman from ShiningBeam.

Does everything you need except light up houses a block away, and runs on AA’s.
90% of my flashlight “needs” (as opposed to just fun) are illuminating things less than 100 feet away.

Shadow JM07 upgrade with sideswitch def. looks nice, will be my first
26650 light for sure!

Higher quality lights just has a nicer feeling to them…

Zebralight sc600?

Edit: opps. Missed the 50dollar budget. I believe that ultrafire t50 is also versatile.

Well in my honest opinion you can’t top the FandyFire STL-V6 for under $50 shipped to your door from Deal Xtreme. It’s the best thrower XM-L period for under $50. I love mine.

And if you want the best XM-L throer for $24 shipped to your door, you can’t beat the Small Sun ZY-T13 from Manfont. $ for $ it probably is w/o question even a better deal than the STL-V6.

The Jacob A60 is probably a better deal yet for under $15 shipped, but it’s an XR-E. But man will it throw.

Why? Well I love XM-L throwers, and I love the useable spill they typically offer. Laser beam thowers just aren’t my cup of tea.

Are those lights current regulated?

CNQG sells it for $37 :slight_smile:

EDIT: The STL-V2 I mean.

Probably my XM-L C8 modded with a Nanjg 105C driver... Not quite a dedicated thrower, just a decent all-around light that's small enough to carry with minimal inconvenience, but still bright/thowy enough on high.

Although, my 504b with the Manafont 3-mode XM-L drop-in has some added benefit; No crenelations, Floody, for general purpose lighting, still very bright on high, and tailstands.