Best parcel tracking for chinese shipments?

Is there a better website than Hongkong Post to track shipments coming from china? Sometimes my tracking numbers do not return any information even though it was supposedly shipped. I know there are some tracking websites others use that are supposedly better than Hongkong post.

In this particular case I’m trying to track a Wallbuys order that was supposedly shipped several days ago.


I use this:

or and are good but the best is the one proposed by werner

get FREE registered and then go


I tried 17track this morning but it did not know anything about my wallbuys order or another order from elsehwere I already received a couple days ago. :frowning:

I'm using "parcel" on my iPhone, but is there something good for a PC (Windows)? Not finding anything by way of Grandma Google.


I recommend

Now that we're here:

Cheers :-)


I tend to use 17track

I could add


as well.