best place to buy Tenergy cells in Canada?

My sister stays in Canada so I was thinking for asking her to get me some Tenergy D cells if they are not too expensive. Here in UK it’s hard to get high capacity D cells. Are there any Canadian shops or website that sell them at a good price?

You could just buy them off and have them shipped to Canada. It would probably be cheaper than buying them in a store anyways.

They dont ship to Canada.

Well, if you want, I will order them for you and ship them to Canada. I would happily do it at cost.

Guys, I think he’s looking for a source in Canada to ship to the U.K.

I’ll check around… :wink:

Yeah I totally misinterpreted that. Sorry.

No, my mum is visiting my sister in Canada in October so she can collect them and bring them back to UK.

Here’s one - they even have some other brands.

I got excited for an Ontario source for batteries. But they are not exactly cheap.