Best place to buy Thrunite lights (TN42cw Specifically)

My last “must buy” thrower on the list.
Where to get the Thrunite TN42 at the best price? PM if necessary

On sale @20% off. Scroll down

This is on my wishlist too. Looking for a TC20 like deal.

About twice a year Thrunite has a 20% discount on their own website. The discount code is then also shown on the front page of their site. So far they’ve done this promotion in December and June.

Patience is not something I practice on the norm

Every thrunite light I have ordered I order directly off their own site. They seem to have the best prices.

I find that to be true as well. I’m building up to that thought.

I did just see this on their page:

Total order amount $0 - $299:
Coupon code: THRUNITE

Percentage off: 5%

Total order above $300:
Coupon code: VIP

Percentage off: 10%

Interesting but not quite enough to get me to pull the trigger just yet.

I was in to buy (and ordered) the Astrolux MF02, then continued reading about the light in several threads. Too many issues with the light.
I just cancelled my order placed at BangGood. I’m buying what’s well proven. The TN42

Thanks for the tips there cellguy, every little bit helps in my affliction

Np. I don’t mind taking flyers on inexpensive lights, but if I am spending $50 or more, let alone $200 I expect it to be pretty bullet proof.

The price was 20% lower for about a month on the release.

The price was 20% lower for about a month on the release.

Yes this seems to be their common practice when pre-ordering.

Odd, I tried three times to place my order, using Paypal (I’ve used for years) and I keep getting this message I don’t understand.
Best I think is Paypal is having an issue with their system?

I have bought directly from their website and from their site. Either way both shipped from Their Amazon store.

I think the best place is HKequipment :wink:

When I bought my tn40 they sent with premium shipping and passed through customs in 1H (yes, one hour), normaly it takes 7~20 days to dispatch the packet

Martin have a good coupon for this light there :THUMBS-UP:

If you live in EU,you will benefit from their shipping system,as they ship through and deliver via DHL.From my 3 lights experience,no customs taxes and fees at all.
If you go to their site,you will understand how the system works.
Also,if you live in the USA,there is another shipping way,which you see also in the site when you order.

Amazon it is

I tried to buy direct from Thrunite five times with two different payment methods. I continued to get the response (image) above.
Trying my patience every time, Amazon, here I come!
Order Placed without a flinch.

If you happen to read this thread Thrunite, your ordering system has issues.

I have no idea. I tried Paypal (member/2003) and major CC.

I grabbed one a week ago. I was referencing the TN42.