Best Price On Black Shadow Terminator

Who has the best price on the Terminator counting shipping to your door. Thanks in advance.

I haven’t really checked all over, but how’s $115 / free shipping?

I doubt you will find a better price. :wink:

I think, I read a post, where he will soon offer the U3 version…U3 is as bright as a XM-L2 U2.

doing outdoor will offer u3 version soon… i pmed them about it a few weeks ago

I guess I’ll wait then for the U3 version. Thanks men.

One more question.

How does this one compare to the Terminator? Give me your thoughts for quality vs bang for your buck.

If you want to spend ~200 i would wait for more triple xml2 lights. Bs terminator is almost half the price…. Imo the terminator is one of the best bangs for the buck you cam buy

Going gear has the U3 version in stock. It’s a little bit higher - $135 shipped with discount - but it’s domestic, so quick arrival, and his customer service is excellent.

How do you get the discount?

Does it really matter? You still goona b*tch & complain till you get a discount. LOLOLOLOL… APOLOGIES… Couldnt stop myself

I’m done complaining on here Dale.

That’s a promise.

Just use ggcpf10. Gives you 10% off. As far as I know its still a good code.

The best price I have found was from Ebay. But it was from a seller I wouldnt trust.

Thank you very much.

I appreciate it.

Wait 8 months,they’ll be cheaper.

I think doingoutdoor has the best price for now. There is a thread running wherein they are advertising $110 for the U2 version, all you need is to PM them. My two just arrived today in record time of four days from China to the Philippines. I have yet to claim it at the post office but I’m impressed of their fast shipping. Free EMS shipping for orders above $240 too! :slight_smile:

My g/f got my U3 version from.
He’s out of stock right now, but he said more is on the way.
10% discount codes: blf or buyit
Price should drop to $135.00 free shipping, that’s what I got mine for.
Authorized USA dealer. I think he operates out of Texas.
Outstanding service.

Great deal! You will be impressed. :wink:

Great! I just got my U2s and now I want the U3s! :smiley: