Best price on FF STL-V6 or Skyray STL-V2?

Greetings, BLFrs! I've been lurking on here for awhile now & really appreciate all of the contributions. This is a great community.

I've been looking for a <$50 thrower & from what I gather the Olight M3X clones seem to give the best overall performance (though I'm certainly open to alternatives and/or waiting a bit for something coming out soon). Shipping time is a consideration but not a dealbreaker. So far, the best prices seem to be:

$45 @ dealextreme

$48 @ dinodirect (w/coupon)

$55 @ manafont

Can anyone beat DX on a currently for sale light? Thanks!!!

just my opinon on the sellers

$45 @ dealextreme < you may have to wait a bit longer , customer service >? mind you i like DX for the prices and so far so good with them

$48 @ dinodirect (w/coupon) < best over all - they seem to be somewhat better than in the past , last 2 group buys were good for me anyway

$55 @ manafont < cant beat them , they charge a few buck more but are faster than the rest @ shipping - cust service is better than most others according to reviewers

id say DD is your winner here : ) cheers

Excuse my ignorance, what’s the coupon for DinoDIRECT everybody’s talking about? I only see an additional 15% Christmas discount.

There are a few DinoDirect coupon codes here:

Thanks for the feedback! Does manafont consistently ship quickly? I'm in LA, so theoretically that minimizes the risk of any USPS shenanigans.

Also, are there any <$50 DIY projects (Maglite mod?) that rival the M3X clones in throw and/or general awesomeness? I don't have a soldering iron, but I imagine I could procure one for cheap, and I do have a few P60s (XML+R2) that I could cannibalize from other lights.

I paid $41.19(thanksgiving special) + $2.00 insurance + $0.99 return premium = $44.18 & they shipped quite fast. I'm satisfy with this light. Good thrower as well!

Nice light! My V6 is my favorite torch.


I ordered my V6 on a Monday morning from MANAFONT and got it the next Wednesday, delivered to my doorstep.

Thats's 8 working days. Not bad I reckon. And like r1derbike, it's one of my favourites Cool

I paid over $45 USD to Deal Extream

I also ordered one from the DX. Well, made an order three times due to change in plans and settled on only this Fandyfire. I love the cancellation button on DX. I hope they refund my payments after all these cancellations I made. :)


It's good to see that all are not Sheeple in the Socialist Republic of California.

Anyone have new deals on this? I think the best price I saw for the skyray STL-V2 was dinodirect for $43 ( but I heard most people are getting a uniquefire UF60 not the skyray and you can’t even use coupons on that one.

Anyone know where to get the skyray or the fandyfire for less than $40 ?

I bought mine at fancyflashlights and received it today. Awesome light. :bigsmile: